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E. H. Scott was in Detroit Saturday. Seward Oamer went to Cleveland last evening. Ex-Sheriff E. W. "VVullace was in the city yesterday. T. J. Goodyear has boen in Chicago several days during the week. Geo. W. Turnbull, of Chelsea, was in the city Monday on businesa. Miss Annie D. Robinson will spend her; with íriends ln Detroit. James A. Robifcon, of the Detroit Free Press staff, was iti the city yesterdjay. Dr. Wra. J. Herdman retnrned Sun day from a week's stay at Denver, Colorado. Homer Henderson, of Cleveland, has been the guest of lus mother during the week. Mra. Fred C. Xewcombe returnod Monday froin a stay of several days in Chicago. Ex-County Clerk Howlett has been taJdnjj in the siights of Chicago during the week. Mr. and Mis. H. ,T. Brown went to Chicago last Thursday, and remainseveral dnys. Dr. J. H. Roynolds and daughter Bertha, of Adrián, wre n the city last Thursdny. J. H. CulJom, dl W. Ninth st., ('ineinnati, was .■ caller at the Courier office yesterday. Mrs. A. W. Aincs is entertalning her brother and his wifc, of California, for a few days. Ex-Ald. Hammond, of the "th ward, Iris been vleitimg his daughter at Ypstla"ntl durtnj? th" week. Mr. and Mi-k. Fred. A'olz, of Kagin:iw, e. s., visited Ann Arbor friends last I'i-iday and Saturday, Slieriff Dwyer returned Snnday a. m. froiu his vieit to Chicago. It rained r 1 11 the time he was thére. Mrs. O. L. Ball, of Albion, Mieh., is gpendlng a Few days with lier sister Mra. Gregg, of Fountaln st. Among those who went to Chicago Timrsday, were George Wahr, Frederlck Rettlch and Dr. .Tolin Kapp. Herbert A. Williams and family are spendina; the week wlth Mrs. William's fatner, A. R. Beal, of Dexter. Pro.'. J. C. Knowlton and wife left this a. m. for Adrain, to spend Thanksglving with Judgie Lane and family. G. M. Hawes and daughter Miss Georgia Hawea have l)een visiting relatives in Sag-inaw, e. s. during the week. .Tudge MfCulloiiRh, of Honolulú, one of the supremo judgee of tlie Hawnitan Islands was in Ann Arbor last Friday. Mr. and Mis. Fred. H. Belser went to Detroit last evenincr. to attend the marrjage of thelr friend Wm. J. Sheeban. Mrs. Sawyer, widow of Dr. A. I. Sawyer. of Monro?, with her daughter Jennip. wiH remáis in Ann Arbor durin;r the winter. Mrs. Dnvi'd fiodfrey. o; W. Huron st.. and Mrs. 1). I. Godfrey, of Ann Arbor town. have returned from visitlng friends in the east. Mrs. Prof. H. S. Carhart'S parents, Rev. Mr. Soul" and wife. o! New York, will mnke their home with their daugbter in this city, for the future. There will be a family reunión at the home of Prof. Chas. K. MoGee, on Olivia place, to-morrow. Mr. and Mrs. .Tudge McGee and family, of .Tackson, are expected. No rain makers neected hereabouts, th ank yon. PratPrnity lodcre P. & A. M. wlll work on 8rd degree thla evenlng. After labor refreshments wlll be served. Annual meeting of tbe AVashtenaw Horticultura] Socte-fey t-nkes place Dec. 5th at 2 p. m., in the court house. Iteports of committees. Evhiihit of fruit and veget&W ■-■. la an artlcle upon the 8rd paste, "Hmv to Líto Well on $1.50 per TVepk." from tlip pon of Mrs. lümmn i1. EwJns. that many of onr readers niav i) Int rested in. Tli ■ Past Mail Compnny ave a prooi emtertainimiant at thp opera1 house Frid;iy eveníng. Th" fnst maíl, th frfia'ht traii. and the Missisippi rlver boat and lts explosión are all realtetj?. Tonis P. Jopclyn wlll b? ordataed a's a minister of th? Trotpstant Episcopal ohurch. on Saturday next. at St. Paui's church, Detroit. A mimbpr of Ann Arbor people wlll attend the service. Thp "gTPpn jroods" nnn i endeavorbig t,o work somfl Ann Arbor ppople wlth his wilea. He always has t-o come around once in abo ut so often. Bilt. the people arp no,t so green as he would make oxit. The second annunl contests In sparring and wveetUng, for the championsJiip of Michigan, wllJ 'oe held under the aiispices of the Michigan Athletic Association, on Thursday erening, Dec. 3d, in the JLyceum Theatt-e, Dptroit. Thanksgiving services wlll be held at the Congregational church to-morrow, at 11 o'clock. Rev. J. M. Gelston wol preach the sermón. Everybody BhOttld go and tak all they can can possibly spare to the Ladle's Charitable Union, a noble organization. Wm. F. Law-rence, of Detroit, an ncle of Mr. Wm. Oamplon, died at hls son-'s, ol a]Kiplexy on Wednesday, the llth lnet. Mr. Lnwrencp was a nuidGEUt of Ann Arbor nbout 12 years ago. He leavcs a WÜe, daughter and two sona, all of whom live in Detroit. 5f a fellow from a second Btory window asks you to piek up a pencil lying oq the walk, (ton't do it. It, has a string tied to it, and you will never micceed. Besides the boys nt the other end of the string will bc terribly tickled over your aceommodating attempt. i The weather bureau has got this tliing down so fine that if the keeper oi the f las; happens to run up the wrong Indicator the weather changes To-morrow, Thanksgiving Day, th Te wül be service at St. Andrew's church. Holy cominunion at 8 o'clock, morning service at 10 1-2 a. m. About 25 people took advantage oí the $5 rate to Chicago and return laat Sunday. This evenlng, at the home of the bride's mother, in Chelsea, Mr. Frederick A. Wedemeyer, the popular young supervisor of Lima, wül be uniti'd in marriage wlth Miss Hattle, daughter of Mrs. H. McCarter. Many friends will wish them a happy life, Mrs. Walker, mother of Warren E. Walker, of the 3d ward, died at the home of her daughter, at Logansport, Ind., last Thurstlay, agied 83 yeara, and her remains were brought to this city for Intemnent. Mrs. Walker.was one of the old ploneers of this city. haring come here to live in 1831. For nearly half a century she and her husband kept what was know.i as the Walker House on Mlller ave. whlch is now being bept by a d&ughter-in-law, Mrs. John J. Walker. There carne near a conflagra - tion at lïobison & Howlett's livery stable last Thureday. The ehimney uhirli the pipe of the wash room leada burned out and set fire to a ecantllng that was up against it, in the attic. The flames were put out before the fire department got there. Where the fire occurred was the room occupled by Mr. Robison's doves, and they were all found lying upon their backs, wlth their toes turned up, but strange to say, upon being taken out lnto the fresli air all of them revived wlth two exceptions. The smoke acted upon them like chloroform. The two that died proba bly had heart disease. Tlie subject of the Hon. Geo. R. Wendling, for Saturday evening, Nov. 28th, in his lecttii-e bi'fore the Stu(l"iits' Lecture Aseociation, will be "Saul of Tarsus." It is a discussion of orators and oratory and an analyses of the life and greater speeches of St. Paul, some of which are finely rendered. The genius, the eloquente, the heroie qualltiee of Paul make a rare theme, and in the hands of an orator of such power as Mr. Wendling a fascinating lecture is he i-eult. It is not a discussion of any of the religious phasee of the teachitogs of Paul, but waiving the supernatural element, treats the subject from a critical and historical point of view, and is there-fore deeply interestdng to all classes. It Is to-day one of thO great lectarcs of the Amertcan platform.


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