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Real Estate Transfers

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Jas. and Marietta Taylor to Mrs. G. Lewick, Chelsea 100 Alvina Loveridge to Frank Ijambie, Superior 500 Mary J. Maynard to Helen L. Reíd, Aun Arbor - 1 Chas. J. Síaubro to Wm. P. Staubro, Salem _ 1,700 Abigal Dickerson, by adm'r, to John B. Van Sickle,. Salem" 2,164 .1. i'.. Van Bielde toArthurC. Van Siekle, Salem 1.110 Norris B. Rocena to Amanda M. Beach. Ypsilanti 1 Chas. H. Secor to Fred'k H. Belser, Ann Arbor _ 4,200 James X. Wnllaee to Ypsilanti Real Estáte Co, Ypsüanti - 3,500 James N. Wallace to Ypsilanti Real Estáte ('o., Ypsilanti 4,000 James N. Wallace et al to Ypsllantl Real Estáte Co., Ypsilanti 1 Panl 1'. Schlanderer to Enrau K. Alber, Ann Arbor 200 Christian Koch to Fred H. Belser, Anu Arbor 1,200 Sarah P. Koch to Fred Belser. Ann Arbor 900 Catherine C. heirs. to Florence E. Yost, Ypsilanti-' 1,800 Chas. H. Kempf to Jacob F. Saagar, Sylvan 400 Alletta J. Stedman to Chas. H. Kempf, Lima r„ 1,000 Sarah E. Mount to Mortimer E. Cooley, Ann Arbor 1. 1 A. J. Waters to (has. A. Allenbrent. Freedoni - 1,32o Now that Fonseca has set the pattern o! abdicating, it would be a fine job for the Empire state if its emperor. David Both-ends Hill, would go and do likewise. The Italians whjo come to ibis country must linv a strong attachment for tlwir nat vi.' land. Th.'.v bring SO mueli of it witli t.hem. The womcn's (uestion - "What cHid stoe have on ?"