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Real Estate Transfers

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(luis King by exr, to A. L. and A. M. Lamb, Ypsilanti 300 Christian Roth to Caroline Roth, Ann Arbor 1 Theo. F. McDonald to Chas. Hard, Ann Arbor 075 F. Steingway to J. L. Babcock et al, Freedom 2,900 Jas. Beasley, sr., to Jas. Beasley, jr., Chelsea 130 Jas. Beasley to Jas. Beasley, jr., Chelsea 175 J. C. Goodrich to Sam'l Stringer, Ypsilanti ' 39 John V. Sheehan to A. R. Hammond, Ann Arbor 800 McKlcheran & McAndrewto Ypsilanti Dairy Ass'n, Ypsilanti 400 J. E. Springer to Wm. Cook. Ypsilanti- 588 Kob't Bell toH. A. Holmes, Chelsea 600 V. W. Van Dyne to G.McGraw, Angusta 800 M. Hinderr to Trustees Evangelical St. Johns Church, Freedom 200 Ubi & Follett to Jacob L. Strang, Ypsi - . j . W. F. Raudall to Sarah G. Randall, Superior i Malinda Jones, et al, to John V H Glenn, Ypsi j - . J. W. H. & M. Glena to 0. A. Ainsworth, Psi 1 71 A. R. Darling to O. R. Dading, Ypsilantl 2,000 O. R. Darling to A. R. & A. M. Darlin?. T: psilauti _ 20(K, Stephen Moore toEarl Ware, Aiili Arbor 730 Stephen Moore to Earl Ware, Aun Arbor 1 A. E. Grant to S. H. Jones, Aun Arbor.. 750 Thos. McGill to F. II. Hendricks, Ypsi 1,000 JuiIkíhíí hy the targtt nuinber of areonauts tliat are dropping out of Ivalloons and dannaging tliiemselvee, the baliooalflft does not have such a "high" olcl time as oae -would thini. Chicago is not afraid of becomlng the hoosler city. Il' ib should be nccesaary tu amnex Indiana, Chicago wtU rake in the wliolo (;tate as a suburb just. liefore the next census. - Cincinruati Times-Star. Kopt on the rack - Hata and: coate TVhat the potatoes say - "Compare us!"