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(Puhlished Ever y Wednesday. H hs a Larf e Clrculation ; ns WerchantSi Mechante . Mau ifncturers, Farm i . and Pan i ■■■ ■ leueral ly. A Very Desirable Medium lor Advcrliscrs O"CJISriTJS E. BEAL, EDITOR AND PROPRIETOR. TKRMS: $1.00 per Year in Advance. To Subscribers out of theCounty, 15 cents extra, to pay postage. Entered at the Ann Arhor Postoffleeu HecondClOM Muil Mall.-r. ONLY ALL MKTAL CÜTS IXSKRTEI). JOB PRINTING We hxve the most complete j offlee in the or In tbe Northwest, wblcb eoables m to iiriut HiKiks, Pamphlets, Poster, Programme, Hlll-Headí, Note Ëeadi, Cardf, Eto., Il rior Htylt-, iijkoi the Bhortest uotlce. BINDING. Connected wlth Thi Coubiib offlee is an i-xti'iisive Book-Blnder7,mploylngoompetenl and ezperieaoed band. Allilodsol Record ldttiT, Journali, Magaiinei, Ladiei' Bool Knrnls imcl Harper'i VVeeklle, Eto., bonnd "ii : hf tbiortoit nonet and Lntbé most mbitsji tlal manner, ut reaaonsble prioe. Huno eipeciallj bound moi tutelull; than at any other blndery In Mi('liittii.


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