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A Boom Under Way

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a project ti on íoot for establlshIng a kcIkioI of muaJc lo connection with i iini vcrsii.v . whlch appeara perfectly feasfble, and loini commlt!'■'■ are .'it woei to brlng i to a worklng boste. Monii.-i.v evening i'.nsiiicsi Men'i coinniii ice mei .-nul endorsed a prop oitiO!) to K't 0 liiimln-il people l" guarantee 900 eaefa, tbree ears, $26 "i be i;iiii the ïsi oí aext April; 926 to be pald the 1 li o AprU 1898, and Sin, if iicc.-ss.nv, in L894. Thli reserve fuad oí 16,600 woalú n&tely cover .- 1 1 1 cnrreat expenaet over .-i mi above tbe taltkw fee, and by tha1 sciiooi woiiiii andonbtedly ba on .i paylng basta. Theo trhen it made more Cban expenses, tbe suriiiiis uouiii devoted to repaylng vt iiicrcsi i otigtna] gubsctibers. school h to be eontrolled bj a board mí twelve directora, ii.-iif of ni.-i.v selected froni tbe buslmeo uii') gnbscrtbe to the gnartiit-- iiinii, ihus aasuring them a nttoe in is management. The brihtest feature Ca all aboul tbe projeci is that in ir. Btanle; the school can have ;it once so able ;i manager, wno by practlcabülty, eniiniHi.-iHin and iiis musical genios, can secure coafldence of the men who back it nj). Tbe w.iy be cOOr dueted buge musical entertainm.-iiis glven in i'nivn-siiy Hall tor the paai two years a suffldeni guarantee of iiis busioeaa abllltj, ícmtiii-.v have .iii been eomplete succeswit, notwltbstanding large expendlturea noeossarüy Involved. The univeretty authorities promse tu gm I tlicir hii])iirt, híi lliat the Hchuol could have tlir n'al pmtigt oí llic nu viTHtty (rom tlir Htíirt, and, Ugurlos mu tbe proportion f mimic HCholnrH n Oberllü, Alliimi, OllTBt and otlKT coll'íí'H to tbe total attcndano6 in tbose ooUesos, wonld warrani tlic lH'l-f tliat 1,000 HcliolarH mlglit Boon brougbi here feo ttady muslc. Buppoae rere ball timt anoIht ulio canil'. lOach will tpead at -S IDO n Ihis c-ily pee .v.ii-, niaktafg-4200,000, and wten it. li reallzod tliat (Hir l)CKt, nianiífactnriiifí instituiiun oni.v )iyn out iii wage $-",- 000 per fttr, bt 1 1 readity leen that Ann Arlmr has i uithln her gragp to oiiiain better prlzea In tbal tlian can i-vi-r hopc by gel [nu ïiianiiïact oncw.


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