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Good--read It And Think About It

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-( 'oiui tiií over i (ift-Mi ■■si trom Lodl Plalna on Banda; laai " s.'iid au oíd f lii-ini r i be i lourier, "I tol] you it wint a ronl luxury to si 1 1 1 - gravel rood. There 1 had Ihtu trallowlng tbrough mud sn tblck ainl ei uit i n nous , I cciuld iiiily ilrive mi a walk, wiicn I reaohed the gravel irry old more falrly Laughed, (horsea dO l;nmli sumí'! imcsi. 1 (lun'l l'Ueve there la Hve milei ( better ruad in Ulchigan. ii li as smhmiiIi a the aaphall pavemem n Detroit, and made ot gjravel," sald ae. "1 beii.' ■ ttiere haH been roed work enougb done a Wuhtenav county to m i'iy in i ie of hlghway Lo t county as gOOd as tliis fivc unies f it had been done Intelligentty. We dave an abttndance ot gravel In fair distribuin over the countj . A.U 1 tere la to do Is to iiiaUr your road bed dry iiy gutten or dHcbea cm the Blde, pul gravel la Bhe center and keep theeën ter the bighest. Supervisor Brauu ii.-is the rlghi Idea aboutroads. Hope the Courier u in keep bammering away jM the ni'ci'ssity oí better roaaa."


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