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An Expensive Improvement

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A propoaftton haa been made bj Jdiui i'. i.i wrcnci-, attorney tor Adolpt) ECemper, to aéttle the caa njiiiinHt, the city Tor damajpa to Cemjtit's property by cuttlag down tfti grade f ,. Ponrth ave., and tims leavlng alm ap oa a iiiii without aeceM to bia premlaea excepi by Btnirn oe rteps. it i-i aademtood tia1 1500 wili M-ttir fche irasi', aad al] further prooeedinga be abaadoned. It wlli iii.ii,i' iii.-ii a pcetty expenatve lmprove meirt, bul uiii probably ba otaeaper tor the ciiy thaa to take the riaka ot turtther Urtlgatlon ander e isthifi cii-ciiMisi.inris. wc notieed in the last oonndl proceedlnga that a m.ijority of the commlttee appolnted bo ettle tiiis matter were repuMlTbeee wem do Intentton, probably, of throwlog apon tbelr ahouldera HiiK N'l tU'iin-nl , ii o in1 s h on ld be mi. 'ii li' 'ï'i 1 oí conree trtli ac1 upan the pafd Legal advloe ol the elty. Cn the pail IIh'IT' Imcii inst;inr'H u Iiiti' the city h.-is gol uto fcrouWe, and repubfl'-.ui ■ 'iiiiiiriinii'ii iiavr been appolnted as a oommittee to nettle the matter as Im'si they coniii, and when anyone uouiii queetlon the wtedom ol theaetiii'ini - 11 1 , t wouiii be flniiji out: "Well, Uh' repubUoani dkl it; they had a ui.-ijority on the i'oiiinnl I. ' It uill nol. wolk ia tliis iiiKtaiicr.


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