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There ík une eoniíorting reflection in...

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There ík une eoniíorting reflection in eoniu'ctiou with the death ot exEmperor Dom Pedro. It reducís ly ome the number oí people loafing around Europe ready to answer an advertisinent like the followinsr: "Wonted - A rulor. Only those with experience and sicond-hand crown nns eceptres noi-d apply. No recommendations f rom lust place required." - Detroit Tribune. The dead emperor. Dom Pedro, was an exception among men of nis class. He could get a recommend from his last place. The people of Brazil could not maintain a republic to-day had it not been for the splendid marnier in which Dom Pedro governed them, and the lessons of freedom and selfgovernment that he constantly inBtilled into them white their ruler. He liberated Brazü's slaves, and Kradnally gave the people a voice in shaping the policy of the government. He wíis a ruler who loved his country from the bottom of his heart. and he Bougbt to raise it to a proud place in the sisterhood of nations. AVhat Brazil is to-day she owes to the ■vrise, and pure patriotism of the exEmperor, Dom Pedro. He was a noble man. Would that all rulers could have the wisdom and the noble impulses of this man who died broken hoarU'd in a foreign country. He so loved his native land that he Sad taken with him when lie abdicated. a package of Brazilian soil in ■hich his remains were to be placed when he died. Which desire of his Ufe was gratified at his death. Most rulers love themselves better thaa they love their country. Here ■wae a man who loved his country better than himself. May the young republic of Brazil be as fortúnate in ite presidente as it was in its last emperor. lts first experiment came near being üsaotrous. The first man chosen president, de Fonseca, was a most lamentable failure. He tried to make himiclf a dictator. Every person in thie city ought to be and is interested in the coming meeting of the state press association. Newspaper men from every part of the state wijl be here, and they are men who have an immense influence ín the inforination of public opinión. All parties and all creeds will be represented, and a favorable or an uníavorable opinión of Ann Arbor will be in the balance when these men with sliarp pencils and quick wita are casting their eyes over the place and iits people. We have a fine city. We have the largest university in the new world, with all that pertains thereto. We have fine streets, and a few line drives. We have a fine system of water wocke, and ;i fine and complete system of electric lighting. We have a fine fire department, and fine property for it to protect. We have as fine a conimunity of people as can be found in any city ín the great west - or east, cither, for that matter. We havo much for these editors to see, and they are coming here to see it. But the people wlU have to assist the local Press Club in showing all of these things. The hotels can not accommoc'ate íi 11 wlio will be here and our good people will have to be bospitable and take these atranxers in. No better adverüsmeat for our city can be procured than a right royal entertainment of these guests for a S&w days. If you can assist in this matter' hand your name to Miss EmmaE. Bower, chairman of the committee. It wdll be a favor much appreciated by the Press Club. The people of New York who complain because New York City loses ■fche world's fair and the national conventions and o forth, have only to look at home for the cause. As long as they will keep the Tammany tiper, they must furnish the plunder to keep nim fat. The nation doee not propose to put itself in any manner in the ■way of that tiger. Bob [Bgeraoll is wrong! There is a heil. - Ypsilanti Sentlnel. That settlos it. On that subject the Sfiuiiu'i is right at home. What is a free trader ? He is a man who seeke to bring prosperity to América by the ruinatlon of Ahhtioa's business. The members of the legislatura who ohansrod the test of kerosene oil in this state ooght to be givon a permanont job at thawing out dynamit or gtemt ]ovilcr. Wonder ii the people of the old 8th district leel really dellghted with the obange of repreeentattvee in ("ongress they made a year or so ago ? Havo they yi't ooiinted up the gain(?) in lnfluence and respect they have offret cd ? Xow Vork, st 11 poutlng, a la Mills, ñas not ralsed or given one cont for the Woi-ld's fair. lt is a shame to that grreat commomvoalth, beariug tln naip.o ni the Empire state. Büie better ch-ange her najne and cali hersell the Picayuae ertate. Senator Cali, of Florida, lias again Introduced a reeolutlon in congrees, aeMag Spain to set a price upon the tedand of Cuba, with a view of either havinu' Únele Saín parchase the same or eetabliehing thereon an independent repnblic. Tlie active armies of Russia France comblned comprise 2.800.000 men and upwnrds. Uncle Sam manatces to keep peace Wlth all his ohilddren aml the balance of the world with only 20,000 goldiers. Quite a contrast, is it not ? The legtslature last winter changed tlhe school law so that a man who paya tases in a district can send his ehildren to school in that district whether he Idvee there or not. He can be charged tuition, but the amount of his school tax sliall be deducted from the bill for tuition. - Mt. démeos Press. ■ Eisten to this and Rain wisdom: "A Vermont court has decided that a man wbo hurt himseli while hunting on Sunday cannot recover on an accident policy wttieb he held, because hc was violating the law of öie state in hunting on that day." And that same law is on the Michigan statute books. The efforts of the rebels in China to overthrow the reigning dynasty Has met with complete lailure, and the rebels themselves have nearly or quite all lost their heads. It appears to lie a díuigerous thing to rebel, in China, and not succeed. A man who cares to preserve the mysterious thing we cali liíe, had best not rebel - in Oliina. Have you noticed with what ghoultsb ftlee the republican papers assure each other that the election of Crisp means that Cleveland is out of the presidential race. These papers have two reasone for trying to make themselves believe that the ex-president is not: fiirst, because they know he is not; second, because they would be very ciad ií he were. - Ypsilanti Commercial. On the contrary, dear brother, they would ratlier see him nominated than any other democrat living. The Ann Arbor Courier calis the New York Sun a democratie paper. Indeed ! When did Dana support a democratie principie or a democratie candidate ? From the time of hls lncumbency of L'ncoln's appointment to the present. Charles A. Dana has Kved to Bpite those for whom he entertajns personal hostility. He has always held that Tilden was elected In 1876, but, barring tlhat, has always opposed democracy. - Ypsilanti Sentlnel. Respectfully referred to D. B. HUI, of New York, and to Mr. Crisp, of Gawgia, sah! The Milla of Hoger Q. have been ground exceedingly fine. In other words Roger is sulking like a school boy. Crisp knocked him out squarely anfl fairly and now he is sore. He refused to take a prominent eeat. and refused to serve upon a eommitto fliotify the president, and is very Oisp in his answers to friends who try to talk wAth him and cheer hfan up a little. How events do bring out the little.ness of that elass of "big" men. Here is a "patrkrtic" sentiment. cllpped trom the Weatherford, Texas. Bnquirer. of Nov. 19. It is one ought to be read and understood throughout the north: "Thore is no room in Texas for a teacher who toadles his pupüs to sing "We'll hang Jeff Davis on a sour apple tree." He don't neod any of Texas' money; he oeeds tar and feathers ar twelve feet of hemp. The school trustees ■vho allow public school teachers to introduce and use any of tfliese lying Northern histories are unfit for their posirtions and sliould be kicked off the board and out of Texas." One of the excellent papers that finds its way to our desk regularly. is i lic ev York Mail and Express. It is conservativo and at the same time leokled in it-s positions upon all quest.ions. To be sure It gives a verse of the bible with each issue of the paper, hut if more people read the itible, and would listen to lts teachings there would undoubtedly be more ictter men and wotnen. Still there s nothinf? cranky about Col. Shepherd's paper, although Michigan editors and people have never forgiven ;he mannor in which its proprietor treated Gen. Alger, yet they like to -cad the paper. The Uiiited States government xinds, whdch bear 2 per cent. interest, are quoted at par. What do you think of that ? Is there another country in the world that can equal that ? If so, please trot it out. Jncle Sam is a pretty solid old felow.


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