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("liarles 1'. Crlep, speaker of the house of representa tivcs. was bom in En.ülaiul in 1845, bul carne to thtsi country vhen i child. Hs attended the public sciuMiSs in Savannah and Macan, and served lor bhree yeare in Confedérate army, ai the end of whjich timo he was captured by the Northern forcea and tatprlsoned until the close of the war. He tlien BtUdted law and in coairse of thne Ucea me a judgo oJ the Superior Couri oí Georgia. Sinoe 1882, he lias been a memte of congrega and at once took front rank both as a worker in comniittees and as a debater on the floor of the House, where he was always at case. He was rarely absent, and ditiplnyed in all his speeches much thought anl research beside a elear and (onvincing logic. His voico is clear and ringing, and whenever he riises im his seat to address the House he at once commands attention. Mr. (risp is a cool ajid delibérate man and his advocacy of the principies or tb e cause he eeponses is characterized by reasoning always and by logical doductions. Mr. Crisp belongs to the school of public men {Uid legislators, Tiio are properly called statesmen. Mr. Criep has always made the rule of the House his particular study and it is pretty gemerally conceded that eiaice the health of Mr. Randall and the elevation of Mr. Carlisle to the senate, no demoorat in the House is as competent and forcible an authority as he, om questions of parliruentary law. Mr. Crisp has a clear complexiom, blue eyes and a straight, well-formed nose. His head is bald and üiis manners ai"e refined and agreeable. His home is at Americus, Ga.


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