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i nt-c a phenomcnal lncreaae Ín circulatidii. It is pubMShéd by the Home Market club, a natumal organliation, and isued from Boston. As thcy do iut sock fcó makt' monoy, but to dissrminatr thi'ir views of protectlon, wo are able to furmish the paper at half price, in connection wlth our own. We wlll scnd the two durinff 1892 for only !?l.-."i. Senator MWvill says the Bulletin makes the tariff plaln to every man's understandlnj;. Thcrr was a tri'iniMiilons aproar im the Clianibcr of IV.putii's last Friclay, becauee M. Floquot, president or (he chambea-, made the asaertlon ih.-it "Pope rius ix. had glven hls authority to Freo Masonry, and was hlmséll a Masón." two or i bree depiitirs called floquet a liar at once, and one chaüi'njpd him to ïight a duel. and aiti'i-u"#V(ls liaeked out. The Pope iniKlit do far wor.-f thlngs than bo unitc witli the Masóos, 'i'liere is not oiu' sinii'lr aentenee or line in tinom in' ritual that he coald olijert to etther as a Pope, as a ('hristian. or as b gentleman, and n every man who enters a Pree Mason lodffe and tak.'.s the tree Uaecxn's obllgatlon, would strictl.v live up to that obligatimi, he would lx' a pure, honest, Ohrletian gentleman.


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