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A buyec ba Kt il J purdh-aalng wool at South Lyon. The lmntci'S are Ktill ou the trall of rabliit and quail. Tlici'i' s nol ;iu iinoccupied dwelliiiK' house In ('lielsea. The HoweH pupila are niHV called togctiier b.v a 500 poand bell. Chelscu mereliants are vcry lmsy iioiv, and are constantly hiring more clerks. Xrarly all of our county exelianRes atv rk-h wil h orange blossom items, these (lays. Tlie olpctric light plant, whlcb ix to lighten the darkneee ol Chelsea, 1b huw l,'ing put iu. There ba said to bc considerable eorn yet to be husked In the westri-ii part of the county. The projeel for lin-iiting Dundee by electrlclty la stlll belng agltated, and in time will probably become a reality. A. Batz is oiie of Pinckney's wide awake clticons. The boy wao yells Batz at ïiim, had better look a leedle oud. Dundee lays claim to tbe youngesi member of any band In the state - ('liarlk' Edwaxds, age '.) y. 'ais. - Reporter. A keeper of a billianl hall lo Stockbrirfge has been fined $25 and $".'.i7 fost.s lot keeplag the same open after hours. A debating society at Chelsea known a.s the Sylvan, is doing the yóung folks of tliat place a lot of good. Tlicrc will be a series of revival meetings held in tlie M. E. church at Dexter after tlu' Ilolidays, and meetIngB are now being held prcparatory therefor. R. C. Eee-e, having a desire to guard his financial reputation, which luis always been fio-st class, denies the report that he i.s to start a ncw paper at Dexter. Which is the greateet promoter of civilizatlon, selíishness or benevolence? AVliy not havr a public discussion of tilia or sorae other question the present winter season. - Dexter Leader. An oíd gray goose, tliat nsed to wáke tile tnt'ig'liborw tn and about rts Stockbridge home has been asBassinated, and a reward M oífered for the aseasstnator - and the goose. "Hunters Paradise" is said to be located near Monroe, Vhere a sigo rea ds: "Iliint on t'his farm as mueli as you d pitease and wlitn you tuear 1 1 1 ■ ■ beM ring come to atañer." - DuniUv Reporter. Representative Gorman returned homo trom Washington last weck, quite indi.sposed. W'hen he returns to liis i!uti"s alter thé holldays he widl Ík' accompanied by his wife and child. One oí our citizens, by accurate count, says that we have in our village fifty wldowe and but eight wldowere. There are alo said to be eleven oíd batch's and- oíd maids.- Noitliville Record. The Washtcnaw Pioneer Society gbould reoeive, as a relie, a bedBtead made ïor the late Win. Turner, o; Dexter, by the lat-e Garry (iriggs, ji arly 60 years ago. The tools uaed ttriv Bámply a saw and ax. The bcdstead dil aervloe few over half century.- Dexter Leader. Before a man commeneos working if'those sliai)rrs at the factories. he liad better go to one of our surgeons and have a few of his fingera amputated in a business like mannor. and not watt for the shaper. to hsggle them all up. The machine is sure to fctcli 'cm BOOner or later. - Xorthville Record. A Florida paper prophesies a mild winter, for as !t claims that the grub t'hat make.s the butterfly is still to be sean. That iis nothing, up here in Michigan th" grub that makes the liuttcr fly is here all winter, and it i callea buokwhoat pa.neakes. A rural editor the week in his ïiiakc-up got the weights of a potatu and a iici,niibor's uew baby mixed. Tic gpo-t the farmer at 12 pounds and the latter at three and a half. The potato raiser didn't kick but the baby raiser, oh. my! They say it must be rot racted or blood, and a new doorbell, too.- Plymouth Mail. The sheöa at the Gillet ehurch In Sharon, wiu be removed to tbe Center church, so the Bnterprise States. Teachers can get reduced ra tes to attend the forty-seeond animal meeting of the State Teachers' Assoclatlon, held in Grand Rápida. December 28, 29 and ;iü. special ratea m all raUroada and hotels. A great quanlity of poultry bas been bought in thi.s county and kIiiiped to castern markets this season. Excellent prices have rulod so fax. Tlio Sou t in m Washtenaw Farmer's Mutual Ins. ('o. wlll hold lts annual meeting in Manchester, on Dec. 26th. Frank Ingrahani, who was a resldent of Manchester, some ten years aso, iis back thefe visiting old friends. The townsliii) treasurers are all very glad to see you nov-a-days. As ni'ght watehman Moran was making hls rounds Tuesda.v ïii.n-lit he discovered a tire In H. Ij. Itose's green house. He awoke Mr. Iiose and the nelglibors and they extinguished the flanics, hut not muil tlie roof was destroyed and tbe plants, of which tlie building was well filled, were killed. Tlie loss i considerable to Mr. Baee as he had a fine lot of plants rea'dy tor the tnarket and orders for tbe luilidays were coming in. - Man(■hesiiT Emterprlse. Work on the sewers has irogressed rapidly this werk, and by Saturday ni.iíiit the entlre west side system will be complete. Tlw work on Croes strTi w.-is completed to the upper caid, at. thf water tower, on Wednee(lay. ;iii(l tlic Hurón Street line was connected witli tlu Oróse streel this al'K'i'noon. Work m t tic casi slde eyetem wili W begaji as soon as tin funds aro larthcoming. About $10,000 lia i' so tai' been expended, and Boane $4,000 are yet needed.- Tpsllanti Commercial. Tlic (Jirist iM.-is decorations at the severa] cburchee have at last all been declded apon. At the Methodist clnn-cn they wlll have ladders; the BaptUte will liave a snow house, .■nul ihc Pre&byterlans will have a bell and rustte trees.- Milán Leader. No liet ter way to attach boys to f arm ing has been discovered than to jrive them a Bhare Ln the proceeds and when you have glven it to them, do not botrow and never return it. lic horneet with them and make them ko interest cil tliat they wlll be cinrtented to stay.- Ev. We inlffhi add tliat tlic aboye is true In any busi1K'K. LlTERARY NOTES. "S:in Ilials," or How Mamman Teil Time, and Other I'oems and Storlee, hy C. F. Daley ($1.75), is earlched with colored designe by Annle I!. Shepley, a Anierloan arttst of the highesi iiroiniKi'. Tiie drawlnga of t ii is genulne art treaaure show a cliarniiiiiíí delicacy of cemception, ri;markabR' perfeotion of artistic treatment, whilf the ooloriaig of the platea i perfect. "Our Boys in Ireland" ($2.50). by Harry W. Frenoh, is a brllliant story df .1 suinmor jaunting, really the In' ;t book oï travel publKshed for many a year. It ks proiusely illustrated, givee a most graphic account of beaut ! f 1 1 1 Ireland, tclls us of It8 lakee, mountains and citics, bi'.sidcs making us ncquainted with reprosontatives of ts people as met by the party of briRht American boys who travelled through it in qnest of enjoyment and instrnctiom. We aleo get an insiffht iinto race characteristics, by vivid gliinpeee of its history and romantic and Kometines amusing legends. A iiew edition of tüie Hon. Chauncey M. Depew's 'Orations and After Dinner Speeobee" is announced by the 11 Publtóhlng Company. The popularity of this book continúes, particularly among schools and colleges where the studeuts prefer it to any other for rocitation purposes. Mr. Depew has long been accepted as the molel orator of the United States, and hls speeches lose nothing in the rcading. ■■Vitli Stanley in África" ($2.50). An unusually handsoine book, by Capt. McClure, gives an exceedingly interesttng, in fact, thrilling, account of tJie travels and adventures in the dark continent oí tibie intrepid traveller and explorar Ha.nry M. Stanley, comnnm hi'i wiih his "How He Found I-ivinjrstone" down to the "Reseue oí Einin l'aslia." Tlüs volume is nmv lookcd apon as the standard book on the subject, and as t is a story of alinost superhunian aufferlngB, endurance and self-sacrilice, it no doubt %ill reraain one of the popular reading books of the nation for genera - ttoma to come. A book that is bound to attract wide attention is "Shan Girls Propoee V" which the ('assil Pnblishing Oompany issue in neat and dainty style. It is writti'ii by a "Sp eculative UaclieLor" and comes just in time for the new year. which is leap year. Tlie wa-iter approachee hls subject seriously and respectfully. as it behooves a bachelor to do. He argües girls sliould propost' if thoy vish to, as they have moro at BtaKe iiiui nave ihc meo. To woin-u. lie saya, love and marriage are evoi-.vthinjï. to men they are but mi episode. The subject is one to invite discussion, and vc predict tliat it wlll get it. "Manners and Customs of Spain" ($5.00), by James Jlciv, contains explanatory text and .".0 exquislte etchinge by R. de Loe Klos, illustratinsí S]i.-iiish lile as presented in the wrltIngs of Corva n fs, LeSage, Mendosa mil Aloman. It is a vcry quaint prodnction and appeal to all lovers of the fine arts. ).. ■ oí lin' íiKx; important art publications undsertaken by the CasseU Publisliinu' Company IS the life of "Henriottc Konncr. the Painter of Cat Life and Cat Characters," by M. H. Spielmann, editor of the Mairazine of Art. It is for her pictures of Cat Life and ('at Charactor that Mme. Ronner has gained her great reputatlon, not only because of their perfection of executáon, but because of the truth, and humor displayed in hor represenbations oí tlie manners, graces and beautles oí cats and kittens. As an artlst, ahe ranks with the greatest of animal patatera; as an observar, she done Sor the eat what Landseer has dome íor the áog. The illustrafckms, whicii naturally lorm the chief attraotiou oí thc book, are produced in tlie hiiíhest forra of art. This handsorae volume, which i Ixhiir published also im French and Dutch, wtll lip is.sued as a liraited Edition de Luxe, and early application is therefore neoessnry to secure a eopy. Octave Thanet will contribute to the ncxt number of Harper's Bazar a ncw and chnraetoristic story, entitled "Tlie Mo'ning of Aunt Tite." From the Easy ('haii'. by George William Cúrtte, is tbe tltle of an eleKant lfittle volume- uniform in style with Howell's Critieism and Fiction and Warner's As We Were Saying - nbout to be publlshed by Harper & Brothers. It includes a selection of many of the choicest papers contributod by Mr. Curtís bo t lio "EdltOT'a ESasy chair" oí Harper's Magazine duriing th' jiast tliirty years. Gratifying to All. Tho high poeltion attalned and the universal aeceptance and approval oí the pleasant liquld fruit remedy Syrup Ol Figs, as Hie moet excellent laxative known, (Ilústrate the valuo of the qualitiea on which its success is basert and are abund.intly Rratifying to tlie California Pig Syrup Co. - Fowl places- CliickiMi c'oops.


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