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"M. & H. WRITING TABLE1S. The Handsomest, Most Economical, and BEST method of putting up Writing Papers for home and office use. Get them from your Stationer, or send direct to the Manufacturera, HASBROUCK & SINCLAIR, 536 & 538 PEARL ST., NEW YORK. N. B.- A Handsome Tablet suitable for Polite Correspondence mailed for Twenly-Five Cents. GOLD UELAL, PAEIS, 1373. f. Baker & Co.'s Breakfast Gocoa from which tho excess of oil haa been removed, is Absolutely Pure and it ís Soluble. No Chemicals are usetl in its preparation. It has more than three times the strength of Cocoa mixed with Starch, Arrowroot or Sugar, and is therefore far more economical, costing less than one cent a cup. It is delicious, nourishing, strengthening, easily digested, and admirably adapted for invalida as well as for persons in health. Sotd by Crocers everywhere. W. BAKER & CO., Dorchester, Mass. For twentr-flve years the rarírioncs oí millions of sufferere, oltl and ycruñg, rúale ar.,1 fomalo, have gratefully endorsed the mintenloxu Tirtues of This Phannacentical Forados of the Age A vitalizins stim-.úant without al cchol. A nerve sedativo without riarootics. A blood purifier without poisons. A liver cles,r.ser. A purely vegetabio tissueinaksr, promoting digestión, nutrition, eecretion, excretion and respiratioru Alife-giving tonie, pure and simple, without tho disastroua reaetiona ox' the deadly eompounda of rum and alaohol usually eold as bitters. Was nevsr toown before fa the Wcrld. Ita discovery among tho medicinal froits, rook and herbs of California WAS A MIBACLE, and their combination into a phenomenal lifagiving tonic A TRIUMPH of the CHEMICAI, ART. The only change made in tho formula dnring twenty-five years has bean to present it in two combiuations. The oUl original remain UHrhanged, but being Btronger, more laxative and better. A new fortn moro ogreeable to the tast9 and better adapted to delicate womin and tliildren, but cnmprising the same tonio propertins, is now madu and tlie scitnreof the uorld is challtnaed to pruducB the cqual of this TEULY & OXLY TKMPKEKNCE EITTEE3 KXOVTS or to produce apurely vegetable bitters or medicina of any kind, whose action is ai oncü so safe, bo certain and comprehensive as the CALIFORNIA' YINEGAR EITTEES, or nny componra Trhlch from ita varied action ujou the vital fuuctiona is equal to tho CDRB OF SO KAKY EISEASES. Thpir r.!3o is leion- Khcnrnntisro. Npuralgia, Caiarrh, Jaurdirp, Kiüney Disrase, Scrofula, Skin Dineases and Bolls, Consumption, Pilesand all disorder.s arising from indigestión, impuro blood nervons prnstration, and dilapidated constitution from any cause pive way to it like mist before thö eun, wliile its singular power over THE DEADLY MICROBE ASD OMNIPBESENT BACTERIA indicatositaenperiorifyinall diseases of malaria! origin, and renders it the EEST VERlirFUGE KNOWN. No family can afford to do without a bottle of OLD AND NEW STYLE VIN'EGAE BITTEE3 in the house, as erpressed by thousanda of teitimonials. Bend for beautiful book. Addresa R. H. JUcDONALO DRUG CO.,' New Yoi Mobtgage Sale. WHEREAS, Andrew R. Schmidt and Rose Schmidt, of the city of Anu Arbor. Washtenaw ('ounty, State of Michigan, on the twenty fourth day of December, one thousand eight hundred and eightv-eight. made and executed a mortgage to Baker, Gray Sk ('ompany (incorporated) of Detroit. State of Michigan, to secure the payment of the sum of fifteen hundred dollars and interest at eight per cent per aunum : the principal sum being due as follows: $750 in six months. aiul $750 in one year from date of said inortgage, which mortgage was recorded in the ofhce of the Register of Deeds for said County of Washtenaw, State of Michigan, on the third day of Jamiary, A. D.. 1889, in Líber 73 of mortgages on page 57. And whereas the sum of four hundred and fortyfive dollars of the principal and interest is claimed to be due on said mortgage at the date of this notice and defaulthaviug been made in the payment of the same or any part thereof, whereby the power contained in said mortgage to sell the premises described therein has become operative and no suit or proceedings in law or equity having been iustituted to recover any part of the sum due. Notice is there fore hereby given that by virtue of the power of sale eontained in said mortgage mul pursuant to the statute in such case made aiul provided we shall on Satnrday, the twentythird dny of Jamiary oue thousu'nd eight hiiudred aiul ninety-two at ten o'clock in the forenpon of tlnit dáy, sell at public auction to the bighest bidder, at the south door of the court house in the city of Ann Arbor in said county (said court house being the place for holdins; the circuit court in said county) the pri'misi' desoribed in said mortgage or a's ïnuch thereof iis sluill be necessary to satisfy the umount due on said mortgage and all costs and charges of such sale as follows: All those certnin pieces or pareels of land sitúate in the City of Ann Arbor, in the Conuty of Waahtenaw, State of Michigan and described as follows to-wit : Those parts of lots numbcr oue and eight in block four (4) uorth of Iluron strect, range six east, commeueing at the intersection of the north line of Xorth street with the easterly line of Detroit street and runnning thence oorthwestarly along Detroit street one hundred and fifty-four feet, thence BOUtheasterly at rlght angles to Detroit street fifty feet. thence south fourteen degrees. wesi one hundred and three and oue-hiilf'feet thence wesi one hundred and five feet to place of beginning, excepting the rlght of William Foley to use the well on said premisee by payIng lialf the repairs tliereof. Dated' October 24, 1891. BAKER, GRAY & CO., J. Q. A. SBS8IONS, Jlortgngees. Attoriu y for Mortgagees. Fargtfs Shoes ff-! for-the - Fámtly _n farco's Til H "Box Tip" School Shoes iSvvV for Boys and Girls. ei &Le Heeled or Wedse Heelti' 'tSA%Lw Slzes-8tolO!4 1.26 v OTiïnT Iltol34 1.S Wtof TISy# Ito3 1.7 IRPáasía' 8,to 5, 2.0 föT FARCO'S }aV $2.50 Calf Shoe Wlavv for Gentlemen, I'A IiíÍl. yv_ Cnequaled by any shoO V.,..iF GïLÏnf' "311 America ai the same B?ifpMUlVí0'price. In Tontcre, Itut ■ lii iii"1 ton an(? I'Hcc. Men'aaiKl Boy 's si zes. c-tn FARGO'S lt ($2.50 LADIES' BOOT f Sïf Dongola or Coat, Button, JVHo Opera, or Comtnon Sense. f .jcnHSe Tackles and Flexible. OÜRNAME IS ON THE BOTTOW OF EVERY SHOE. Itp,. tur deaIHe!'for Fiireo' Sh x. If he does nol C. H. FABGO & CO., Chicago, I1L DOTY & FEINER, AGENT8, ANX ARBOR. Hutzel's later Bad! A very important invention which will be hailed with delight by everybody using a stove or range for hot water circulation. After years of experience we have succeeded n pro ducing a simple and perfect WATEK BACK. It overcomes all the present troubles of extracting lime and other sediments which accumulate in water backs, often making them useless and in great many instances becoraing dangerous. The outlay of dollars is reduced t dimes. No household using a range can afford to be without it. No more trouble by using city water for hot water circulation. Can be used in any stove. Asi: your stove dealer for Hutzel's Water Back. Masón & Davis Co's. ranges for sale at C. Eberbach are provided with our improvement. Everybody cali and examine this usefu) invention. HUTZEL & CO., Ptmber and SteamfitUrs. KTSTS ARBOP, . . MICE (ftAAAA A YEAR! IundcrtaketobfMr _% Tlí ■, ho can read and rite, and irtM, 19 Ü U L UafU'r rncUon,wlll work industriou?! r F whDiv to earn Three Thoimand Dollars Tearin their ovrn 'coalitie., vvheKvtr they lire.I win al.o fumiah the ttuation ivhich you can earn thatamouut o money for meunles succewfula above. Einlvinj quleklr carnod. I doifre but one orker from each district orcolntr L hare already taught and provided with empioyment a lati numljcr who ire making over Í80OO a yenreach. ll'iKEW ÍS J?"W ! bt" erli':1'1" FKKE. Addre., at on" jL"Eoo:k='s Cottoa. lïoo f C O M P O U N D m Wr'cmDosed of Cotton En ,t, ani y sA I eunyroyal- a recent discovery by sa Jüld physician. Is xucccWuUh vsd monUUy-Safe, Effectual. Price il, by mail, eealed. Ladies, ask your druaakt fnr Cook'e Cotton Koot Compound and taki! no ■iubstituta, or inolose 2 stamps for sealed panieuiars Address POM) LlLv COMPANY, No 3 FUlwr Block, 131 Woodward are., Jeiroit. Mich. EBERBACH & SONS, ANN ARBOR, SELL BELOW PILLS. T ATYTTPCI TRY DR. LEDUC'S " PE-IJJJ.J2JÍJ KIODICAL" PILLS from Paris, trance. Kstablished in Europe 1839, Canada in 1878. For Suppressions, Irregularities, and Montbly Deraugements. A reliable monthly medicine. They always relieve. Any dnjgglst, Í2. American Pili Co., Proprietore, Spencer. Iowa. Kobert Siephenson & Co_ whok'sale agents, and all other druggists ín Aim Arbor. These pills are warranted te bring on the " change. GET THE BEST FIRE INSURANCE $29.000,000. Security held for the protection of the polier CHRISTIAN MACK epresents the followingfirst-class companies, of which one, the .Etna, Tías aloue paid ö5,00(X, 000 flre losses in sixty-five years : JEta&, of Hartford $9,19-2,64 Frankliu of Phlladelphia 8,118,713 Germania, N. Y 2,700,7 Germán, American, N. Y 4.065.9SS" London Assuranee, Londou 1,416,788 Michigan F. AM., Detroit 287,608 N. Y. Underwriters, N. Y 2,596,676 National, Hartford.. 1.774,505 Phoenix, Brooklyn... 3,759,03 Losses liberally"adjusted and promptly paid. 'olicies issned at'the lowest ratesof premium. HMtf M m 4% K ni geftn l.frsrric.l nt our SEWline of work, BSIIR! f 4ïr.i.lly and honnrubly, by tl.oie oT =V ' r 9 111 ■■ W eithcr es. yoiingor ui.l. oml in tbeñ EBJIMH t I ownlorilitiri.vli.'i.verlh.yliTf.Ait; IHVllk I om uu Ju mxk. Iiy to leun. We furnish everylhinp. We start you. No risk. You cn devou your spare njotneiils, or all your time to the work. This s au iitirely new lead.and brillas wonderful succes to every worket. Iftcbmanan earning from #- to Í50 per weck and upwardt and more afler a Hule experience. We can fumísh you the emttoyment and n-ach vnu KKEE. No spaceto explain here. Ful aformation HtKK. 'TUl'EitCU., .llülSfl, IU1ML iWiïkïKJ a HÍ15ÍÍW (', ie paper, Dr obt.iin ostimaia n advorti&ing spaco when n Cnicao, wíll lind it on i MBK fCOOO. 00 a year i bcinp mad bw 0OhnNE. , v ' i H77 Cioodwin,Troy,N.V.,at work tor u'e. Keadet ■t you may not make as much, but we et m wBteach youqulckly how to earn from $S ta jj VflRk dggHM "" S '' 'y at ttl0 SInrl. "ui ! HS JOU CC 9ttrr H9 Lon' Both sexes, all ages. Inanyparto' ■ 1 BAmerica. you can coromence at home pivH JLming all your timc.or spare moment onlv to mSm ""■"'"'' All i new. Gret paySIRK'f.r WHB every worker. We atart vou, ftirnishlnr WJêÊF everytbinp. KASII.Y, SI-EK1HLY leanie.l SW l'.VHrk'L'LAKS FKKK. Addrcai at ones k.HK4V.S!SU.V k 10., I'OBTUSD, JUlMi.'


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