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R AW AS BEEF-STE AK Baby's Fearful Suffering from Skin Disease Covering Entire Body Cured by Cuticura. My baby was taken very sk'k vlnll he u;: three inonths oM, and in a few daya began breaking out. We employed hoth oí the home doctors, and they cottld U nothinii l'or him. 'L'lu-n we sent for tlu1 best doctor in Caton Rapids. Midi., nnd hu doetored him tor two weeks, - and he got worse all Jf' -=Sh. the time; and then I Sf :v tookhim to Jackson. í , l&'fr ). v to ft doctor who ht&r attenda espeoially Mr wiJiii to skin deseasea, t; ysgy.ll and then lio got % m j Theg IWdmgj y A-.i trv the CUTICÜBA tt lEf. pS RïmAim any ny; #BB AvV Ah 110 have any CgBto.'y jJÏÏKSk 'll1'" ''"'' onld dii SSÉÍKÍ'" ny good. but in lcss 1Nyilr '"rP two mom hs trom the time we begao glvlng them to him he waa cntiivly wcll. and QOt a siot on him. His hair begar Krowlng rlght off, and wc thoiiRht he n-ould ahvays be bald-headed. There was not a .spot on his whole body, fncc. and head. nnly lus nose and eyes, but wnat was as raw as boefBteak. 80 poor there was not anythlng but bonea, and so weak he could raiae neitner hand nor head. Mrs. CRANK BAJRRETT, v inliild. Mloh. Oi3.tic-u.ra. Kesolvent The new Hlood and skin Purlfier, and greateet of Humor Remedies, cleansea the l'lood of all ïmpurities and poisonoua elemente, and thns removes the cause, whlle Cuticura, the greaJ skin cure, and Cuticuba Soap, and exqulslte skin beautifleriClear the skin inui scalp, and restore the hair. Thns the CUTICUBA RBMedif.s cure every species of Itchlng, biiming. BCaly, nimply, and blotohy skin. scalp, and blood diseasés from pimples to BCrofula, from Infaney to age. when the best physciana f ui 1 . Sold evervwhere. Priee, Cuticvra, 50c; Soap, 25c; RksoLVKNT, $1.00. Prepared by the Potter Dkil: axd Chemical Coepoeation, Boston. l%_ Send for " How to Cure Blood Diseases." DADV'C skin and Scalp pu rifled aud beautiDADI o fied by Cutici-ra Soap. Absolutely pure. j RHEUMATIG PAINS. ffff In oue minute the Cuticura Anti(L Pain Pi.aster relieves rheumatic, %ï sciatica. hip,kidney,chest,and rans ' eular pains aud weaknesses. Price wenty-five cents.


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