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The anmial meeting oí the Washtenaw Co. Aiu'ieultural and Horticultural society was held i ti the Bupervisor's room of. the court house yesterday. The foilowlng officers were etected tor the eoeatag .war: Presideut- F. B. Braun, Ann ArborTown. liecordiug Secretiiry- F. E. Mills. Pittsfleld. Corresponding Secretar; - Henry s. Dean, Ann Arbor city.' Treasurer- Geo. April, Scio. Vlce-Presldents- John Avery, E. K. Leiand, Dr. D. P. MoLachlan, Geo. A. Peters, W. E. Boyden. Bonnl of Managers- F, B. Braun, E. E. Leiand, A. V. Robinson, J. II. Sperry, John Avery, i. Ganzhorn, Sedgwfok Dean, W. F. Blrd, Wm April, Henry 8. Dean, F. IC. Milla, SampBOn Parker, D. L. Godfrey, John Keppler, 1'. Q. Buekey OeOi Wood, Go. A. Sperry, Kari öeott. Geo. A. Peters, W. E. Boyden, Jesse A. Dell, i. J. Parshall. R. E. Nowland. Pred Butzel, Ur. D. P. MoLachlan, Geo. April, H. P. Flnley. Resolutiooe were passeel thanklng Henry Paul bis pervloea aa treaeunr, and gympatlllzing wlth him his illnrss. All oí the offleers of the society were tbanked and a general time oí conííi-atulatio.i enjoyed. A rtsolutiO!i wafl passed empowerhlg Col. DeOD to act as treasurer nntil tlie iiew treaeurer Bball have (ïuallHed. 1're.sident üraun's animal addréBB as ïull of gooU thUigs. He started ín by congratulafmí tito society upoa the success oí it last exhibitiou. and warmly commendlng ing tlie lioard oí Managers their efforts, aaid ïor providiniï all the attraction.s advertised. He then reviewed the fair, telliiig wliere the weak Bpote were, and where the strong ones were, referring especially to the grand eavalcade, which he considered one of the moet Latereetlcg features oí the fair. (I)id the president forget the balloon ascensión) ? He recommencled that greater attontion should be paid to it ïai the future. He thought that the department superintendents did much to raake the a success, but they ought to study the rules and regulations for their own good, 80 that no mietakes would be made. A profiit of over $86.45 was realized out of the premium list book. The closioig of entries in the live stock departinent one week before the fair, was a wta change, and made it possible to take care of the great stock exhibit had. Pres. Braun recommended that the oflicee of general superintendent and recording secretary be merged into one, and that ooe paid a salary buIfieient to liberally compénsate him fof the wark he is required to do. He aleo recommended tliat the rules chañad so that where an entry is made in a class where there is no competition, that a first premium be awarded, but aeoond premium inoney be paid. He also recommended that exhibittors furnieh their own hay and feed, but that the society have it on the grounds to sein to them il wanted. As it ia now there is a great deal wa.sted. ■I earnestly hope the Board of Managers wiM never aak for another balJoon ascensión and parachute drop at tlhe fair," as there is nothing practical or beneficia! about it. The race track has coat, with the utmost care, $1,100. It now requires about $75 to complete it. It secme tiiere has been considerable trouble about layiug out the track. The man who dld the work for Prof. Davie made it 25 feet too long. It was hortened, ana now a civil engineer makee affidavit that it is 1 1-2 foot short of half mile. The president then mentioned the visit of Cov. Wiiuuis, and toffied the newspapers for ffiving to their readers What he thought they were "hankering" after all the time, a great quantity of fair ncws. Tlie president then cloeed by thanklng the officers and manaspera for uelr courte,sy to him in liis official capaclty, and warneil the society that they should not keep a president in office over four


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