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Implicit Obedience

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I spoke to a lady the otber day Of lier sister-in-law, who is one of my eeteemed neigtibors. "Ilow well abe manatí'' Her four children without any nurse!" I exclaiimed. "She looks oalm ajul untroublcd, and yet I know Btbe Is delicate." is a woman of great decisión of character," was the answer, "She has a system about tho childrcii. Slie never allows them to question what she eays, and you know that sa ves a great deal oí fret and worry." The next mornins 1 made a short cali on the subject of our remarles. The lady carne into the parlor, and, after slialdjiR hands with ino, tnrued to take a cliair, and found that the two-year-old baby Had föllowed her. ■W'liy. baby, I didn't know you were here! Run out to brother." "No, me don't want to" "Oh, yes," was the answer. "Brother will play school with you." The baby retreated slowly, tlll she reached tbe middle of the room, and Uure she stood wlth her fiuger in Jiec mouth, eyeing her mother closely. Tlie motheè liad turned in her chalr away from me, and was watcnlng tlie baby Bmilingly. lt was evident that the caller was entirely forgotten for the moment; it was of the first importante that the baby should miiwl. I made a little note oí the toet, too, that there was no "prnnes and persimmons" expression on the mother's pretty face. She had simply spoken, and now expected the baby to do as she said. "No," buret from the baby. "Oh, yes," smiled mamma. "Brothther is all ready to play wlth you." Tlie baby stood a moment longer, finger in lier mouth, etudyiiifï her mother's face, and then van out of the room. Then, and uot until then, did the mothor give me her attention. Tlie incident made such an impression on me that I want to write it for yount mothers. I began wltb tïie theory that the best way to bring lip a child was to reason with him, and in that way teach him obedience. I abandoned that theory long ago, and wish now that I had never held it for a day. When " obediience" wa.s brouiiht to my mind I rejected it, largely because, under my now resjionsibility I was newly couwious o!' my mvn fallibility. "How can I," I would say to inyself, "Be as aearly riht as you can, but go ahead." Implicit obedience, lovingly enforced, is the only way to bring up a child, and "eternal


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