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" The f oremost Of our perlodlcals." -j, s COMMANDING $W&%j&ssVjrJr' tuswin be sent für rSISIDENT C. W. EI.IOT. Thk Forum is the most instructivo, the most timely, tho and the haiHisomest of tho rerie wa The three great groupe of Bubjects of the coming year wlU be Impartíally and Lnstructively dlecussed by the ableet wrlters: I. I'olitK'al SHÖjectB growlng out of tbr i'residonti.-ii Campalgn. II. Financial Dlsturbancee here and abi'oad. III. Theologlcal Vnrest- with all nu s' BUggested by thcsi groupe of great topics. There is no other way whereby one may fït't tlu' rlpet information about the great proWema of the time wlthiu bo narrow a compasa or tor 80 Kinall a short studies of great Bubjects by more than a hundred of tlic foreinost men and women oí the world; because th?re is only one American periodical for which all the great kaders of opinión and of thought write; and that ia The Forum. The December number, for example, contains: Degredation by Pensions- Tlie Protest of Loyal Yolunteers, by Lieutenant Allen R. Foote, founder of the society of I,oyal Volunteers; Tlie Meaning of the Democratie Vicbory in Massachusette, by Gov. Wm. E. Russell; French Feeling Towards (ermany - Another Conflict about Alsace-Loi-raine Inevitable, by ("amille Pelletan, member of the French Chambee of Deputtee; Should the Silver Law of 1890 be Repealed ? by Jacob H. Schiff, oiie of the most successtul and Lnfluential bunkers in New York; Is Modern Education a Failure '.' by Frederic Harrison, the great Engllsh eeeayiet; Underground Competition Seli-iltsti'uotive, by Aldaoe F. Walker, cliairmau of the Western Traffic Assuriiition; Women'a Clubs - Tlie Volume and the Value of their Work, by Alice H. RhLne: A Day with Lord Tennyaon, by Si Edwin Arnold. Anti five other artilles. Tliere are now in progresé dlscussdons of Our Pension System; l'iison Management; Tlie Training f Preachers; The Louisiana Lottery; The Next Step la the Taoriff Agitation; Are Modern Educational Methode a Failure ? 50 ets. a copy. $." a year. THE FORUM, Union Square, New York. The steamboat, the aewlng maohine,. ('ars running by night and by (lay, II (.uses Ughted by gae and heated by stram. And brigtlt electricity's ray. The telegrapirs click speeds Uke liuhtninu releaaed, TIhmi the telephone comes to exceJ it; And, to put on the finisli. tíbie lasi but not least. Is the famed litt'.e l'urgative Pf 1 Iet. XjBMt but not least is Dr. Pierce's Pleaeant Pargatíve PeUet, becauae it relieves human sufferlng, adda to the suin of liuman comfort, and enaWea the relieved sufferer to enjoy all the bleeelnga and lujuries of the age we live in.


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