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"grasshopper Christians."

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Th? Presbyterlan cotnplalns of grasshopper Christians." Otliers hare doubtJesa been troubled on account oí this class, although thoy may uot recognize tliem by this name. Our brother, the editor of the paper referred to, says that they "are on the jump in revival times, but hide away the rest of the year. Wlien they get the power on them, to see them shout, and exhort, and sing, and pray, one ■would think that they were taking heaven by aml when the excitoment dies out tliey eease to hop about, and make no further stir until the next year's religious fervor puts renewed animation into them." All tlliis is too true. There are many who do nothing and manifest little life at any other time than during a revival. Then they wHl complain of those whose zeal does not burn as briffhtly as their ovm. They forget that wtaUe they have been dormant, those of whom they complain have been earnest in sason and out of neasoin.


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