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Do You Recognize Me?

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T uu Lia (irippc ! Grip for short, Uut I gvt tlwre just the sa me! And the way I g-ct tbere Knocks the stuffing Out oí the annals of pathology! I am 110 respecta' of persons, And slik, or satin, or broadcloth Has no more inftuence with. jnè Tha.n a width of Iirown muslin has ! I lay for tlie wonian AVlio runs arouiid bare-headed, Or tHiin tshod; And tlic way I swipe a man Without au overooat Is perfoctl.v aetonlMng ! The air is full of me; And as a miero'be incubator I may say, without fear Of sucoessful contradiction, 'l'hat I am beyoind oomp'titioii ! I've got a coraer on tüie Human isystem at present, And I'm wocking it l"or al] U's Avortli ! I aiïd the doctors Are having a picnic. With the doctors Gretting all the gate money ! Howevei', I'm not in it Y ar loodle ! And I dom't eire a cuss Wliat I'm ju-re for. Peoqple iind out "willen they take me; And there's m telling liow many have found out In tbe past few weeks. It's a cold day W'hen I get left. And we are not ha vingMany cold days tliis winter. Henee - But why multiply words ? You know ïae, And if iyou dan't son can learn All you want to luiow By reference to tSie families Vv'liich, and in which I have worked ! Mtghty few of thsan Don't recognize jine socially. And curise me ! all 'the crimes in the calender ! lint I ain't saying a word. I simply Iet her go Goülagher.


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