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Autobiography Of Bill Nye

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Edgar Wilson Nye was born in Maine Ín 1850, August 25, bnt at two yéars oí ag-e he took his parents ly tlie hand and telling them that Piscataquis eoomty was no place for tliera, he boldly struck out for St. Croix üounty, 'Wiseonsm, wlicre lie hartly young pioneer soon made a lióme for bda párente. The flrst year he drove the Imdiane out oí the St. Croix Valley and auggested tb the Northwestern Railroad that it would lx; a good idea to build to 8t. Paul as soon as tho eompany could get a g-rant, whieh vould pay them two ,or three times iu' 608t oí eonstruction. The ing year lie adopted tromsers and made ■$17." f rom tfoa snlo ol wolf scalps. iHe also cleared 27 acres oí land mul falsed same w&termeftme. In 1S54 lie established and endowed a district school in Pleasant Valley. It was at tJiis time that he beg&n to turn his attention to the abolition of elavery in the south, and to write articles the press eig-ned "Verltás," in which he advocated the war of 18G0, or as soou as the government could get ai-ound to it. In 185-t he RTaduated írom the farm and began to study law. He did not 'advance very rapidly in thi.s proíesion, failing several times in liis examinatiou and giving bonds for his appearauce at the next .term oif court. He was, h o we ver, a close student of political eeonomy, and studied personal ecouiomy at the same time, till ii.' finind that he cüuld easily live on tem cents a day and his relatives. Mr.' mnv began to look ibout liim for a new country to build up ond toeter, a.nd as Wisconsin liad grown to be so tliiekly settled in the northwestern part oï the state that ïH'ig'hboj-s were frequently found ji.s ïiear as iive mflee apart, he broke loose from all reetrolnt and took emigrant ratee for Oheyenne, Wyomlflg. Here he eaigaged board at t,he Inter-Oeean Hotel aud began to look about him for a poition in a bank. Not succeeding in this, he tried the law and ournalism. He did not succeed in etting a job for ome time, but finüly hired am associate editor and itxr of tlie Lammie Sentinel. The salary was small but Jüs latltude great, and ne was .permitted to write anytliing that he thought would please people, wliether it was news or not. By aíid by toe had won every heart y his gentle, patiënt poverty and his (Mightful parsimony witli regard -to íacts. With a hectic jmagination, uní an order on a restaurant, which navertised in the paper, he scarcely cared tlu-ough the livelong day whetli sicliiaol toept or not. Tlius Jie rose to Justice oí the Peace luid finally to an income whieh is portea very large to everybody but tile assessoir.. He ita the father of severa! very beautitul children by his first wife, who. is xtill living, siic is a Chicago glrl, and lo ves her husband lar more than he üeeervee. He is pleasant to the outfeide world, but a perfect brute in liis lióme. He early learned that in order to win the lave oí hls wife he ehoiild !)■ erratlc and kiek the atore over on the children wheii he carne homo. He therefore asserts himself in this w;iy, ;uid the fainily love and reepect liim, being awed by his greatr uess and gentle barbarism. He eats plain foxl with, both hands, conversing all the time pleasantly wlth iiujuiw wiio may ixí visitmg at the louse. If his childrem do not behave, he kicks them from ■beneath the table till tfoey rosir wlth pain, a.s he chats txn witli tlie gniests with a bright and ver-flowing sti'eam oí bon mots whlch )lease and delight those vrhn visit liini o tliiit degree that they almoet forget tlia-t they have had hai-dly anytiüng to eat. In conclusión, Mr. Nye is in every respect a lovely character. He feared lint njiistii-r nü.ulit !►■ Sone hlm, ■(■ver, in this blographical aketch, o hé Jias -wrltten it himself. In compan.v witli. Mr. Burbank, Uiis ff&ntk'man wil] appear at Unlverslty rail on Saturday evieaing, Jan. 23d, indci' the anspices oí the Studente' .iriiiiv AssiK-iatioin.


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