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Do, Re, Me, Fa, Sol, La, Si, Do

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Se&ööl oí Jiusio is ea nssure success, owlng to tlje efforts in a larjie degree of Mesera. Moses Seabolt and Thos. J. Keech, who have toept np the warfare on the subscription list until the last of the 100 desii-fd subsoribers were secnred. These subeeribera agvee to give as a guaraiitee iuud $25 for each of the two first years, and $15 lor the third. This dt is thoug-ht Avill more thau ■place the school upon a paying founflatiom. The maln thing is to secure Sufficicet fiuids to make the beginning. The cnthusiasm of Prof. Stanley has fereated a great musical sentiment liere in Ann Arbor, and there is no ivasnu in the wortel, as the professor plainly proves, why Ann Arbor shoüd not bc a musical center as woll as a literary center. At a meeting of the aigners of the guarantee fund Friday evening last, A. L. Noble and Ottmar Eberbach were named as directora of the university Inusical society, which is to inaugúrate tliis school. It is uiiderstood tbat President Angell wlll accept tilie presidency of this new School oí Music, very herociallv BcTving without compensation. The followiiig are the business uien of tlie city who have pledged (sel ves to pay tlie amomnts stated tibove: D. Rinsey Martin Haller S. A. Moran Wm. Arnold John Moore W. G. Dieterle W. C. Stevens J. T. Jacobs F. H. Belser Adam D. Seyler Chas. E. Hlscock Wm. H. Salyer Schairer & Mlllen J, F. Hoelzle L. Gruner Moses Seabolt E. P. Mills & Co O. Eberbach S. W. Clarkson John V. Sheehan E. B. Hall Frank Allmendiuger O. M. Martin H. J. Brown Goodyear & St. James Junius E. Beal Aan Arbor Orgau Co T. J. Keech John R. Miner W. D. Harrimau N. W. Cbeever A. W. Hamiltou G. F. Stein C. Mack W. H. Mclntj-re A. L. Noble W. W. Whedon Wm. Waguer Doty & Feiner W. D. Adams Xelsoii Sutherland F. A. Bogle H. M. Taber W. L. Marquardt Henry Tatlock George Wahr J. J. Goodyear George (Jlarken A. H. Fillmore J. F. Lawrence Gottlieb Sehnelder Eugene E. Beal Wm.L. Frank Joseph A. Polhemtu Frederick Schmid Al vin Wilsey Henry J. Mann John H. Nickels Fred Beshner E. E. Calkins Jas. L. liabcock s. Roseuthaler Zachary Roath Butts .S: Hazlewood Sedgewick Dean Kberbach Hardware Co Heury S. Deau Wm. Biggs Koch it Henne Schuh & Muehlig Mann Bros F. G. Sebleicher E. V. Hangsterfer h. ü. Weinmann Evart H. Scott Jacob Laubeugayer A. Felch H. G. PrettymaB James Clements Uib. il. A. Lukins Hutzel&Co Olivia B. HaU Michael Staebler Louis J. Liesemer Wadliams, Kennedy & Martin Seabolt Keule Tliere are twenty more ñames oí people cannected with, the university, bilt wc have not been able to procure tlic list at tliis writing-. ► Drees to kill- Indians. Elongated talk- Drawling. Far-sw-inj? men - Lighthouse keepers.


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