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General Jackson was uot a tree brader, and rhoee who profese to íollow him dow, a.nd are advocating free trade wntiments, a la Cleveland, make a great mistake. It was wlicn B. l'avolina attempted to nulify the American tariff laws that the expressión o! hls "By the Bternai," vvae uttered. Ín a letter to Col. Kobert PatterBon, cí Philadelphla, May 1 T, 1823, "TJpon tli1 Bucoefia oí our manutacuirr.-. o - the liandmaid oí agricul muí ootmmerce, depende iii a g tneasure thc iadependeuce oí our iry. and I assure yotu that uome eau feel more eensibly ttoeun L do the o títy oí encouragtng tfaem." A.aiii, the (oltowing In General Jackson'a letter to Dr. I-.. H. Coleman, of b carnlina, on August 2G, 1824=: ■'rovutaice has bleesetl ns witb llii' Imeane oí natiímal Independence and ■naticmal ötefenee. He lias íilled out mountaims and our plains with mlncrals, witii lead, irom and copper, and lias ive.n um the climate and soü ior fi-owing uï lienip and wool. These being the groat materials of our na■tio'iial di'k-iist 1 hcy ouslit to have Extended to them, adequate and fair ipro-tectian IHat our manulacturers and laborere anay bc placed in a fair competition with of Burope, and that we ina.v have wit.hin oair own eauntry a Isupply of thftse leading ;ml important artlclee so eseential in war." And yet there are men in tliis country, wbo are rnmpart Iree tractors, and at the Bame time profess to be .laeksonian demócrata." They aro tmpesters. Grover Cleveland hud the aíssurance to make a free trade Bpeech the erther night at a Jacksoai ban(juot in New York. TlK' Ypsilnntmn makes the lollcwing keen, aml deserved thruet at the ■man who mterepreeautB the first district in congress: "It may not bc ami-s-s, too, to rcmind him that but for the 5,000 Polack vertes. ïoa-incr subjocts of Russia, in hie öwü city, he ivould now lx; only Et private citizen. Those now starvinii n linssia iairl.v measure up to the Bt.ndard ai this tontrolling clement on lus own constituency, and are Innocent suiierers from an oppressive üDvcrnincnt. Why should the despot ni Russia stand between his starving subjects and the Ri-eat, big, generous beaxt of America ? Why ghould the iirst district oí Michigan jodn hands with the despot to inorease the linrdciis of mienite ? Sluime oin ConsrossMian Chipman ioi' the spirit revealed by his unmanl.v, heartless words." ' OcmiiTcxsman Kilgore, tlio great kicker of Texas, oh Jee tod fco voting an appropriatioin to carry lood to the 30,000,000 starvlng people oí Russia, because "theré was no warrant in the conetltutlan for taxing the peoW lot siioli a purpoee." Will Jlr. KilRore inlorm tho people of the United States where he fimls in the constnution oí the I'nitort States any warrant for murdering a citizcn oi the ÜBlted States ioir voting the republican ticket? And vet tliat is what they do in Texas and the solid KMlth. If the constitution of the önlted Siates was adhered to there u-unld be no eucli bullies in eongress ) this man KilgOTe. i'kairman Cainpau, of the democratie state central oominittee, is said to le opposed to Gov. Winans' renoml'nation. Well, Wlnara has provea liiinbell better ilin.u hls party. If Mr. Campan will alloAv a susgcstion, the would propoee the name oí Charlee A. Pridleoder, who has aiine Parisian hand. and -vlio would be a man that the wlre puliere could work all right. Il hc is nat satisfactory, J. Chris. Jacob, an able representativo oí Detrodi democracy, could give l)aimii uren, points on puiling wires, iuid kunivs 11 a bout "den ber cent." .lolni L. Sulllvan aas taken the tempérame pledge and tled on the blue ribbon. "White the lamp holds out lo buril," etc. Harvard's republlcan stüdents have twR-iuiizcd a large and vigorous club. lis free-trade professors are uot havIng 'vcr, -tliing thelr own way.- N. YMail & Express. Atlas is the only creaturc known to humaiiily or mythology who could iiv,. pointe to tlie democratie highwaymen at Albany. Atlas lu'ld up the world.- Y. Press. It is aseerted by a politician wiio pretende bo earry the national democratie ik'legation of Georgia In nis pocket that it wil} be solid for Hül. It ouglit to be. Ilill was solid for Orisp. ___ The New York Mail and Express Has applied for 2,500 feet oí space at the Woilils Fair, and proposes to show the world liow a great metropolltan newepaper i.s made. Thai is an that ie commeBdable. The i-cfusal oí the lower house of oongresa to ïurnish transpoi-tation for the Kiven by the we.stiM-a people to Kussia's starving hoards Uas In-cmsht out as an apprupriaH' motto for present house, the nlckle. The five ci'in eoagreas. .. The New Orleane Delta oí Jan. l-'th, says: "The present códd wave is a fehing that while we anay give it the shake we eannot get d'id of it." It is to be tnoped that the wave has gone ■ bo-day when the Michigan editors reach there. Ilean-y Wataraom once wrote a soorching letter to that man Hill, of New York, whdch Hill aifirmed he liever rcceived. And now it is coiifiilnuly aaserted that Watterson ivill come out for Hill in the near future. How liavc the. mighty fallen ! (Or uiv about to fall.) If riclL men'e daughtere who are juM doW belng annoyed by a lot of crank who insist upon marrying them or killing tiiem, were only good marksïnu tliemselvea, it would be a good Tlw? law ouglit certainly to iiphold them in self-defence, while tho country would be benefited by the removal of tlwif persecutora. A bilí has been iutroduced in congrees by Representativa O'Donnell, oí Jackson, to carry out PostmasterGenrral Wanamaker'e idea oi free mail délivery la all villages and rural coniniunitk'íi. The bilí providcs for the dvlivery of ane mail, at least, caoh week, oolleetlone to be añade at the Bame time, and calis ior $6,000,000 to earry o.n tlic provisione. HUÍ, oí New York, abjecte to the appointment oí republicana 10 o fioe in New York state without conHulting hiin. Isn't thatupreme gall '.' Hill's Oppeeition to a ,republican is tii.' rêry best reoèmmémdatfön poe ;i])riial ou.u'iit to be a eupreíue reason t'or reejeting a republica.n. Republicana stamped with lliU'.s apptoval, are not wanted. Gtem. Alger lias been in Washington for the past two weeks, securiag speakers ï(- ilie Michigan L'lub Banquet, which is alwayfl beid om Fel). 22d, and iiicli luis never iailed o!' beiag au immense Boccees. Among who ■vrtll cei-tnüily be prefíent are Oen. J. S. , t'larksoii, of Iowa; ex-Senator Sppqner, of Wisconsin; and Congressman Cre'iihaalge, of Massachusetts, uil oi -th 'iti ïiotod speakers. The wark n the office of the auditor general of the ptate has been gnatoer thun in any ■farmer year, and over 1,000 more letters were received and anawered in 1891 than in 1890. Yet lie clerical forcé was reduced. mid the expenses $12,200 less, showlng democratie economy. The above is the Adrián Preas's Story f or lt. Of coimse no one doubts the truth of that !! ;.Tlie story is so Very probable ! The I'ress saya it, too, and it mustibe so !! Auditor Genvii'val Stünie pi-obably shiftod that litlit $12,200 over on to poor Soper'e shouklcivs at ome ofithe state auditor's meetings, -vhen Soper was feeling very genereus and accommodating. Eenssclar W. Ingalls, o( Adrián, died on the 14th inst.aged 83 years. The deceaeed was one of the pioneers of journalism in tlüs Btatè, coming to Michigan in 1834 from Cantón, N. Y., whére lie had published the St. Lawrence lïepublican, fon' twd year.s. Ho Btaxted tlie Adrián Gazet te and Lenawee comnty Kepublican In 1S34, that belng the iirst paper started in Lena■wee oounty. Aïtorward the name of the paper was changed to the Adrián Watch TO-vror. In 184Í) he was the State printer, holding the job four yeare. He had been in retirement few several years living on his farm ücwth of Adrián, wfth i daughter. Adrián Prese: "Niño c&ndidates reci'ivcd the S.'jtii degree i Maeonry at Aun Arboir a few days sincc. The 33(1 Öegree is abouit all tliat the oufcsidfe ■world kiKiws anything about, but in A mi they liave 110 limit. A man can go up as high as he desires, ïul tlicrc is still left Ann Arbor Masoms who can talcc tliem a ilegree higher. '"lioj' have more (logrees over -ih,-r.i i Fahrenheit thermometer, art;1, the. higher they go the hot■ber it gete. The countersign oí the 85th aegTee ia not secret. It is "High Ham." The eccret consists in the 'methixl oí giving tho countersign." If oiir momory serves lis right, about 35 of Adrian's prominent citizens took that 33th degree some years ago, at tin' luuids oí Arm Arbor Cornmarwiery, taking the principal part of the night therefor. It is altogether probable that they are well acquainfced "vith the mode of eomraunicating the pass word. Too mucli chalk i ia alleged powdercd BUgar nowadays. Chalk is ui I acquired taste.


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