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A Frank Democratic Confession

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Froan t!i Newporí Xews Sun, a leading democratie cwgan oí Virginia: "Ortain eelf-important demócrata Ín various sectiems of tlw country wlio are abuelvg Governcnr Ilill on account of ,an alleged misuse oí tlio pardonlng power ehomld not forget tihat they may stand in need oí a similar favor after Mareta 4, 1893." (A HL'i-o"s a elever devicc. Put some heated olive oil into ,a small bottle, drop in a pieee of phosphorous, cork it up secupely and put it in a salo place. Any time the cork is removed ïor a few seconde and tlien i-eplaced a powerful light will be given out by the lxittle which wlll last several taimites, ajid be again renewed at any moment by puiling out tlie cork. A mare convenient device for findiiijí a house numbei in a street ■vlitTc thero are 11 lights can scarcely be devised, as it will sive oif its light wu the etarmiest niglit and it' it gets ooit oï order can always be got into sliajie again by a Itttle warmtli. The mixture once prepared Will last tor BOme weeks witli but .a reasoinible amoamt of care.


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