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The Tariff And The 400

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Does it wever omut t the deluded victima ol Free-trade sopbistry tow rtraaige it 1, H !' ' tarlH beai-s liardsi on pocw-, th.ii the movement hióetKe to Proteetion is Bupported mainly by om' oí the wealtlüest and lu,.st aristocratie claesès in the country the great ianporbera oí our seabro'ad eittee? Persoon f tasUo, Ang-lomanns, and all who place a highcr valuo upon thin-s foreign tlian wliat is produced in this country, !k, wül have their trousers and dntiees f rom abi-oad no matter w'lnit. they coat- theise are the ones wlio are berdeet hit by the McKinley law. Sinoe tiheir numerical strength will not cnablc them to vote its repeal, they fcry to enlist the great body of farmers and workingmen by sophistry and misrepresmtotion in the canse of Free-trade. Wavd McAlliistvr. die leader New York's Four Hundred, whoee maln occupaUom and eflort is to ape lorcin aristocrate In manner, drawl and dress, says: Thjte McKinley bill, lt is no-t repealed by the clamor, onr women will and mnst in the near Intupe raise against it, wiü add more tlmn onethird to the amount each lady who Avears imported dreeses must pay for them. H yon apply to one of best modistes she will frankly teil yoi, 'This dinner drees I must Charge $350 lor; I copy it you, usmg the sanie materials oí which it ismade, it will cast you $250.' " He then goes on to gay that the practical effect of the new tarifl is that the fashionably inelined, as a rule, eow have the Paris dressos copieu here and are tlius well dressed at half the cost of importmg them. If the McKmley tariff accomplilied anything besides compelling these "iasliioiiable" women to coudseend to Avear American dresses, it would Have earoed Hts place on the sf-atute books.


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