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How Democrats Secure Office

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The Washington correspondent oï the Tribune gtvee the followlng very significant story: Just befare the halidays a goodlooking, vound-faoed young Irishman ■carne into the room of one of the Michigan senators and said to the clerk: -l want you to make me out an applicatiooa." "Application for what ?" "Ivocksmith." "Of A'hat ?" -Of Uw house." "Wby ckm't you go to Judge Chipnian ?" "Beeauee you vrtll do as well." "Who has the appointmienl ?" "I dcm't Iciimv." "Tbe elierk ?" "I frueas so." "Wliat js name ?" 'Malor.e. Tin trom tbe 6th ward, a.nd I've a millUm relatíree. We run thf WBSP&." The applic.ition wafl made out and Malooe wat auray happy. Yester"lay llie same elerkaw him in the corridior. ,The two stopped, and Malone said: "Yo'U didn't think I'd get tbal place did yora ? Well, I did. It pny $1,440 a year. You sae I know 1Hose ÜUicago fellowB, I was :on the detective force there. They lielped me. I'm going to briiia' niy littlo brotlier down from Detroit and make a page oí lüin. My Job is good for two years. Tlien I et on the detective iorce öE the district." As is remarked at the beginning oí thlfl dispatch, nothiiiig eucceeds like success. ,Tliat young man has the makiugs oi a David B. HUI. . It doesn't pay to make a mistake In a printing office. An item appeared i:i a paper aiot long sincc which eliould have read as follows: "Mrs. H. has the largest and nicest planta in town." In maJcing up the fcwms the "1" dro'pped out in the word plaute ■aaid the mistake was not notieed until tlliie paper was printed. The whole town was in an uproar and whrn the lady's haisband read the jtem, he arm cd iiimsrlf with a revolver and start cd for taie olfice, Jmt the ea itoir saw Mm oo-ming and eecape


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