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The Vile Weed

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The Bhah of Pwsia 'has 8 tobáceo pipe warth $400,000. The better class of 'the lUiiüppino islanders Bmoke cigars a 'foot long. John D. Rockefeller prefers 'a mild cigairs costing about forty cents. Calvin S. lirice sniokes tlic best clgars obtainnble. He is 'an ineessant smoker. Cornelina Vanderbilt smokes vcry Btrons oigars worth about 'a quarter a piece. 'L'houRh Jay Go-uld never smpkes hc is sald to !■ an excellent Judge oí a cigar, and the brands he keeps on hand to jiive his friomd.s aa-e choice enough the most captious connoisseur. Tjnst year Prencti smokors Od 4,600,000 frames -wortfli oí cigars, 10,000,000 oí cigarettes, 29,000,000 f enufl and 91,000,000 oí pipe tobáceo. The greateet snuff itakers are oíd pealante and prieets. The Burmese nativos delight Ín hugo looscly rolled cheroots, varying from írom si xto oiglLteon inchos Ín leiigth. Amoiig t he Anglolndiaus, the Triehinopoly cheroot, wlth a Btraw dovna the iniddlo. is a gi-eat favorlte. It is made in all sizee, írom ten inches to two. i Some clergymeii ghould be told that doctrinal sermona do not interest all. Society girls -vith whom men had rather flirt than wed are very numerous. Ib -vould be a good thing if bichloride of gold -vould cure cigarette smoking.


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