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A Pure Cream pi Powder. Superior to eyer...

A Pure Cream pi Powder. Superior to eyer... image
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A Pure Cream pi Powder. Superior to eyery other known. Used, in Millums : nes - 40 Yea 1 tl a Standard. Delicicus Cake attd ?ht Flaky Biscnit, Gri. i . Palatabls and '' No other bakiug powder does such work. Kecuimnended as ÍJie ïïesi. IX Li; Mahs, Plyniouth Co., Ia., May, 1889. I scfiered from teinporary sleeplossness from overwork for two years, for which I used Pastor Koenig's NerveTonio, and can recormnend same as the best medicine for similar troublcs. í BOKNHOEST. bOMFRSET, OhiO, KOV. 11, 1890. Mywffowag troubled with nervouBuess,"whicn so affected her mind that I became Tery muoh alarmod, as a mental derangemont was hereditary. After ueing Pastor Koenig's NerveTonio one day she could slaep soundly, hor iainenLing ceased, and I can say that hei reental condition is yery much improved. JOSEPH A. FLAUTT. Toledo, Ohio, .Nov. 7, 1880. I certify that PaBtor Koenig's Norve Tonic haa had a wonderful effect. Prior to using it I had epileptio fits two or threo times a day, and I haye beea subject to them for the laat seven ïears. MRS. M. GOEMAN. SRKT1- A Valnable ook on Nerveus ij 13 Si Y4 Disenses sent ÍVee to any address, ■ Kil aIld voor i)ütie7i;s can also obtaiu 1 Elho&ai tliis medicino l'ree of charge. Tuis remedy has been jprepared by the Reverend Pastor Koenift, of Fort Wayue, Ind., eince 1870. and isnowpreparedunderhis direcüon by tho KOEMiC MED. CO., Chicago, II. Soldby Druggists at SI per Bottle. 6 for S5. targe Size, 1.75. 6 BotHesfixr 9. BE A MAN APOLLO WAS A PERFECT MAN. PERFECT IN FORM -MATCHLESS IM WAR! fjN So anxioui were the ancients for etalwart roen that i'4 puny bojB at birth were put to deuch. 'f -L__ ft Every KAN can be 8TR0NQ ' VsíJVj-il and VIGOROUS il all respect. PMY Y0ÜNQ MEN OR OL0, - 't 11 "tering from KEKVOHS DEWVi lS'rt BILITT, lott or Failíng MnyvySsrJA{ hood, Physical Exceisef, Mental w j( 1 1) Worry, Stunted Developmcnt , or ípR-fW any PERSONAL WEAKHESB, can bt fll i l T 'eitortd to PEKFEOT HEALTH and Jl l I th NOBLE VITALITT oí STRONO J I I MEN, tilt Pride and Power of Natlonl. U I 1 I We cltkim by years of practice by I 1 I our exclusive methoda a uniform I I I "MONOPOLY OF 8UCCESS" in treatVfi Ss ingall Dtleasel, Weakneiseí and 1 - Affllctlontof Men. Testimoníala ' T ' from SO States and Tcrritories. AIID Urur ntlAV will be sent frer.. spaltMi, postUUK NCW OUUI paid, fora limited time. Qe Itwhll yon can. Full Explanationa for ROME TKEATMENT. Toa can be f'ULLY RESTORED ai ïhonsand fcaTebeec by us. Read our testimoníalo. Addressatonce ER I EMEDI CA LCO. BUFFALO, W.Y. "ñEÍL Dl 'EFFEN B ACH'S lf3 PROTAGON CAPSULES; KJ0r"Zt Sure Cure for 'WeaU Men, as JrgJ 3v provedby reportsof leading phy O Ml'zzMk vó sicians. State age in ordering. RÏTO fflB %lPrce. SI. Catalogue Free. lM- B o A O A A safe and speedy ■Lam IIW B3 cure for eieet, í .;; ' HBHN w " Stricture and all '? ny unnntural discharges. PriceSS. yfW ñKl SPECIFICgfSSa 3íj Irand SfelnIMeae,Scpof' Qlons Sores QndSyphHitlc Aífections, withoutmereury. Priee, O2. Order from THE PERU DRÜ8& CHEMICAL CO. 5$. 189 Wiaiionsin Street, MXLWAPKEE, WIS. CARTER'Sl.. Kick Headarïie and relieve all tho troutla Incident to a biliouB state of tho systom.BUch aa Dizziness, Nausea, Drowsiness, Distross after eating, Pain in tbe Side, &o. Wliile their most xemarkable success has been sliowu in c uring SICK Headache, yet Carter's Little Liver Pilla ara equally valuablo in Constipation, curing and preven ting thisannoymgcomplaint,while they also correct all disorders of thestomach,stimulatetha liver and regúlate the bowels. Even if they only HEAD Achetheywouldbealmostpricolesstothosewho Euffer f rom thisdistressingconiplaint; btfortuBately theirgoodneBsdoesnoteudhero.andthosa who once try them wül Ünd these little pillavalusble in eo many waya tkat they will uot bo willijjg to do without them. But after allsick heacl ACHE 1b the "bane of so inany lives that hero Is where wemalieour great boast. Our pilla cure itwhüo ethers do not. Cartcr'a Little Liver Pulsare very small and Tery easy to take. One or two pilla makoa dose. They are strictly vegetable and do not gripe or purge, butby their gontlo action plcaaeall who use them. Iuvialsat25cents ; fivofor$l. Sold by druggiais everysvhrro, or sontby mail. CARTER MEU1C!NL CO„ New York. SMALL FiLL. SMALL POSE, SMALL PRiCE RINSEY & SEABOLT'S BIKBBYJIROCERY, FLOUR ANüTeED STORE. We keep constnutly on hand BREAD, CRACK (JAKES, etc, for Wholesale and retall trude. We shall also keep :l SUpply Of STV1FÏ & DEUBEL'S IS13ST White Wheat Flour! OSBORN'S GOLD DUST FLOUR, BUCKWHEAT FLOUR, CORN MEAL, t'EED, 9tc.i at wholesale and retail. A general stock of GROGERÏES anfl PROTISIOJS Constantly on hand, whloh wlll besold on a reasonable terms as at anyotlu'r house In the U pald for BUTTER, EGGS, and STTRY PRODUCE eeneially. GooJa deiivored to any part of the city without extra charge. RINSEY & SEABOLT.


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