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IT WILL DO YOU EOOD THERE IS NOTHING BETTER TO HAVE IX THE HOUSE THAX . FIRST CLASS FAMILY NEWSPAPER. The Weekly Mail and Express is a live, independent, fearless, progressive journal, with an individual ity and a being of its own. It i good for you, for your wife, for your children, and for your neighbors; and is tljo best, most varled, most reliable, moet patriotic, and thoroughly all round good family newspaper. If you desire dooumentary evidence, The Weekly Mail and Express SPEAKS FOR ITSELV. IN PUBLIC AFFAIBS it is fearless, just, honest, and altogether AMERICAN AND BEPUBLICAN. You will find that it embraces more distinct features than any other family newspaper, and gives 'you MORE FOR TOUR MONEY than any two others, besides being refined in tone and pure in its influence. It presenta every week not merely "a world of news" but WORLDS OF NEWS, lor it embraces an extraordinary cope, including the AGRICULTURA!, 1 LEGAL TNANOIAL tJOLLEGE KELIQIOUS MANWACrURING W0RLDS. POLITICAL COMMERCIAL ATHLETIC FOREIGN AND OTHER The Weekly Mail and Express givcs the best of everything in the test snape, and has more celebrated masters of the pen represented in its columns than any other fainily newsp fi p6r . Subseription Rates : One copy, one year, - . . $o 00 One copy, gix raonths, - - . T'oo One copy, three months, - - '50 leu copies, one year, - - l'oo And a free copy to the pei-son se'nd„ ., mg the club. party, per year, - - - . $700 Remittances should be made by Express Money Order, Post-office Order Itegistered Letter, or Bank Draft, pay w,e Order of The Mail and Exat oiir risk6" made they wU1 be Agents wanted. We want an agent BtatèT7 P-öice in the United B2Lü'ïl casU comm'ssio!is Rlven to r,?i? ll' maklnS clubs. Special cir free aPPlication. Specimen copies Addrcss all letters to The Weekly MAIL AND EXPRESS NEW YORK. PBOPOSALS FOR WOOD. Sealed proposals fot 75 to 100 cords of hard ood, four feet long, youne ereen bndv ïï ra.ght hickory. hLc( nmplf and' gejoud nes of not less than ten cords, and 20 to 25 ords of bnsswood, good quality will L V eived by the undersigned unti the 31st of ecembor, 1891, inclusive up to C P m The ood to be delivered in the next thirtv davl the cntr!t, at the d ffere lt Thl ÏTOw'111 s-uch luaIltities as directed The „ght to reject any aud all offers i3 rt servea. l. GRUNEK, Treasurer, No. 8 S.Main St. Xotice To Cee:::top.;. the'p1rowi1rrtTeS! that ? order of fosees Báa dterwecSs', against the estáte of Seiiry 1 i,,," o ü 3 S0Unty decea3;.l, ancl tlmt a credítSÍ c ahn, tnCCseSedpar? re luire" t0 Psent thSÏ? ii, "eard befo re S1 a i ourt on Crlilav 'ourtUUrith d'fy ?f M irt1'1 tt"d " -t uí-1 a v e .ourtü day of .limu noxt. at ten o'clock iu the Iprenoon of eaca of suld davs. "' Dated, Alm Arbor, December' -tlh. D 1891 I. WILLAUD BABBITT. ' ' judge of Probate, '


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