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He Owned Up

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"Absalom Carrutitters," said hls wifo, with the accent on each syllable few jyood measure, "you were intoxicatïd last night." "Well, I faüed to notice it." "Everybody else tioticed it; they ooruldn't help üt. You were irretrievably drunk." "Xü't by ;i Jugiul." "Xo, but by several Jugiullsi" 'You're away off, Hepsy." "Xot as greatly off as you worc. You tried to open the gato with your latchkey, and you feil over it iuto the grasss." "Noniseuse." "Yon carne lip front steps on yooir ha.n{l and knees, ;opened the and inquirod if Cai-rutliers livcd biere. Do you know.that.?" "Bosh !" "And you Btumbled on a dark flower in the caxpet and nearly went down." "Nat a word of trutli in it." "Tried to haag your hat on a fly cm the wall and then asked where that mail went to." ' "You are totally hallucinated." "Why, jrcmi talkcd out oí your car, and ■wtoen the baby cried oai the bed you went to rocking its crib ais hard as you could, slnging 'By, oh by, oh baby.' Recollect tli.-it ?" "Becoilect not-himg." "I cxpect not; aawl you got down on your knees and Detted and rubbed the ))ack oi the hound warked in woreted cm the rug in front of the g-ra Ie and said: 'Doiggi-e, doggie !' " "I teil yon I doin't believe it." "And y cwi gave me a ten-dollar bill a;nd Huid I could get a aew bonnet with It, and here i.s that bill." "Soniething strange. That bill looks kind o'natural and familiar. Uut I wasn't drunk." "Of oourse it doos look familiar, and you ,said to my poor, dear ma, 'Mother, you've got to etay with ue till spring treezee over.' " "Yee. you did, Alwalom," said the oll lady. "Ah - yes - I see; I- was- very- verv


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