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Proi. Stanley has secured PaderewSki. tibe groat Podieh pianist, for a recital in University Hall, Feb. 15th. Padorewiski is perhaps the greatest pianist of the day. His sudden and unhearalded appearance took the musical warld by storm and opened a series Dl triumphs, which the United Stat has been glad to continue, which none but the loftiest genius eould ïnnintain. , Padierewfikl is Indesca-ibable. His personal magnetism is intense. Every aiHiionce falte in with. liira at first sig-ht. By his very presence he tabea firm and undisputed hold on the hoarts of hla liearers. By his playing he earries them vip, out oí (wdinary life and into a world of matpMesa harmonies. His interpretaticiiis of the great inasters are marvelloais while his own compositions are ' the emanations and natural producto oí a soul nurtured dn the realms of divincst nrasic. Thoiugh oí appai-ently elight phyeieal strength, hls endurance is remarkabli'. Recently in Nfow Yoi'k, lie played, i 11 one afternoon, threo long conc. runs In succession. His reception in the east is one of continued and unparalloled enthusiasm. Even critical Boètoo leaped to it feet and waved lts hat and handtoerchief at one of his ï-ecitals. r,y bhe way, he has given, besides playmg at Beveral Boston SympiWMiy eomoerte, nine recitals in that city. i Since the days oí Rublneteln, 110 pianiet lias created such a furore in the musical woirld as he has. Aun anay comeider itself fortúnate indeed that Pro. Stanley was able to secure the owly date left on the maaiager's list and thus insure tlie appeai-ance of this magnificent artist in the near future. Theatre goers will be interested to know tlict the world renowned actor, Alexandor Salvini, will appear at the. grand opera house in Ann Arbor, on Bh 28th day of January, in Duiua'e masterprece, "The Throe Guardsmen." Por Mme. Modjeeka'e iirst engagement at Waa-saw, the prices were doubled and the tickets sold by subscriptioji. When the box office of the theatre was op?ned to the public, orders enough has been received to fill the theatre three timos over during the en tire ongagement. The result was the American ystem of ticket speculation was indulged in by all classes, until choice seat were so'ld for eight Of ten times their regular price. Even the government officials, who manage tlhfe house, Avere charged with conniTing at this, and otae ugly storiea followed. Thie woll kmown actress will appear hiere on February lat. On the evening oí Jan. 20th, the citizens of Ann Arbar will have an oppoirtunity oí seeing one of the fineet hiome-made entertainments ever giveu in the city. It will bc entitlod "A Nlght iniCamp." The lst part will be a soene in which all oí Conipany A will appear. Thon there will be songe, dances, and musical specialtles, including the exhibitioH by tthfi ilrill corps. The 21 part will be a kirmess. The dances of all nations 'will bc presented. America by the "üag dance;" Frunce by the "minuct;"' Hungaria by the dance oí the gypslee; Spain by the Spanish dance, "Cachauacha;" Germany by the "Da.nceof the Mountaineere;" and all nations by the "pieriotte." Each dance will be in appropri&tc costume, representing the country. The sconery fw this entertainment will te mew and made ifar tliis especial bccaioni. An aimless Ule is a fruitless life. There is no rest in doing nothlng. Calumny i.s liike coal; if it does not burn, it wilW soil.


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