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Rev. Sam Small

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The S. C. A. has been fortúnate in secnring Rev. Sam Small to lecture Ixere. He is ome of the moet striking mem on tlie lecture platform to-day. Boni in the mountains of oast Tennessee in 1851, he early imbibed the froe and bold spirit cluiracteristic of the jnoiintaineer. His caa'eer lias been a most Wiomderful one. After gradunting froim college wittti honor, he started on a promi.sins career as a lawyer. He began tüi drink and went froan bad to worse. His a-ssociation with statemen and visit to Taris will bü vividly told in his lecture Thii lrrliiri', "Frdm o Pul pit" is the "pilgrim's progresa' 'o the present day. Itis interesting ant insti-uctivo to us because it is a stor. of life in its struggte against appetiti Sam Small tells his futife cfforts to reform in a way peculiar tO' hirasel - vivid, frank and foi-cibl?. Since hi conversión undcr the prcaching of San Jonos, liis life is known to all. Sam Small's work for temperance in S Dakota is a part of the, new sta Ie' Mstory. Yet he is not a politicla but a moral i-cformer; and his lec ture will bc listenod t-o with pleasur and proiit by old and young.


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