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Had To Leave Her Babies

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Dr. Dio Lewis was travelling in tlie West, and had comeitoa rancli whereon was a shepherd's dog that the owier would not sell for $500. She Hnd at the time four young puppies. Whilc the -visitar ivas a.dmirinff the little niother and her babies, the aswistant herdor reported twenty sheep máesing. Tivo dogs, eaeli larger than the littlo niother, were Btandlog about, but tha herder said neither Toom nor Dick would iind the jnissiiis sheep; i Flora must n;. i In vain did the assistant urge that her feet were sore; 'she had been hard at work all d&y, was nearly warn out, ;:ml must, in any case, attend to the wants cxt hor puppies. The m.-isU-r iiLsisted. The eun'Avas setting, 'and tbere waa no timo to lose. Plora was calted and told to hunt for the lost she?p, her ma-ster pointing to the fwest on whose edge the sliack was Bituated. She raised her head, but seemed loath to leavo lier bables. The master called sharply to her. Slis rose, looking tired a.nd broken heai-tod and witli bead and tail down trotted wearily oif toward the foreet. 'She'll be right back. She's lighteing on stray sheep." Next morning the doctor rode over to learu whether Flora had found the strays. As lie alighted from the saddle, the dog ■returned, driving tlie slieep. Flora did mot ráise her Jioad or wag her teil, even when spoken to, but crawled to her puppies and lay down by theni. She had been out all night and scarcely able to Jiotice her babies feil asleep. ■ What a scons If one can but picture it ! The vast, gloomy forest, and tliat little creature with soi-e feet and heart, yearning for her puppies, limprng and creephig about in the wild canyon all through the night,


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