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Wanted--a Boy

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A jolly boy. A boy i'iill of vim. A boy who eorne a lie. A boy wlio will aever smoke. A boy witíx some "stick to it." A boy who tabee to the bathtub. A boy who is proud of his big sister. A boy who thinks hard work is no disgrace. i A boy whü docs chores without grumbling. A boy who believes that an educatiom is wortii while. A boy who plays with all his might - duriug playing hours. A boy who thiiiks.his mother above all mothers is the .model. A boy wbo does not know more thaai all the rest oí the house. A boy who does not think it is h"consisteait to mix jrfaying and pray: ing. A boy who doee not wait to be tealled a secoaid time in the morning. -Star oí Pinta. With groane and sighs, and dizziod eyes, He seeks the eouch and down he lies Nausea and faintncss in Hhn rise, Brow-racking pains assail him. Sick headaohe! lint loiig comes case, His stomiach settles into peace, AVithin his head the throbbings ce ase- l'ierce's Tellcts never fall him! Noi1 will thv faíl auyone in such a diré predicament. To toe Uyspeptic, the billious. and tlie constipated, they are alike, "a íriend in need and a fricad iiuk'cd." A pessimist is either a íraud or a fool. A dude is a proof of tho truth of Darwiuism. Duty is usually the direct antithcsis of imclination. Pame is an evanescent halo made up of pluck and luck. Men ridicule womcn because they are so eager to follow the prevaling fashion; but they aro not hall so eager to follow the fashion as the men sceni to bo to follow tlie women. The man who is just going to be married never can understand how it is that any man can ever desire a A ana.n breathes about eighteen pinte of air per minute, or upv, of Beven bogsheads ina day.


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