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Th? bese ba 11 tram have at last se'cured the rink for in-döor practice. Prof. D. G. Lycwi is giviiig a couree i ktures at Newberry ball, on tlie "Aasyrltun Mouuuiont.s and the Bible.'" Bill Nye and his clium, Mr. Hnrbank.. ■vill iiiKTcHt and amuse au Ann Arbor audifiice on Saturday oveniiig, Jan. Tlie Harvard facnlty has forbidden all its colk'S'e publicatioas to receive saloon a ils. Prof. Kelscy luiving uxamined the arctoeologicftl specimens rccently iound in Montcalm county, pronounces them frauda oí the iirst water. Wantod- Ten men who are willing to give $1,000,000 eacli to endow the university. N, B.- A leas aniount would be accepted witli a great deal oí gratitude. Chüarless H. Aldrich, of Chicago, wlio haa been' appointed eolicitor general oí the Unitod Ktates, in pktce of Gen. Tait, appointed to a judgesliip, is a gradúate of thie U. of M. The proïits oí the Padareweki concert at univerelty hall ooi the evening of Fel). 15, wiü bo giren to the wojnaii'e league for the benefit of the ladie'a anmexS to the new gymnasium. The Detroit branch of the Associatioii of Collegiate Alumnae luis taken up the work of securlng money to build tlic ladies part of the new Waterman gyranashun. A most excellent object. Proi H. C. Adauis delivei'ed a lecture at Detroit last eveuing in the University Extensión course, his subjest being: "The Soclai and Industrial Cliangcs Wrought by team Transpor tation. " Bishop llurst, of the M. E. ehurch, lias been selected as chancellar of the Graait Univcrsity to be ereeted at Washington, D. C. Thls is to be a noneectarian iustitution, and endowefl ■wiVti $10,000,000. Tlie two ncw co-etl. editora on the U. of M. Daily are oredited wlth, beiiig huistlei-8. This boing a utw de■paxture in college journalism. the success of the youiLg Judies will be -wali-liod wltb much interest. The S. C. A. has secured lli-v. Sam Small, the amons exhorter and preacher, to deliver an addrees at Dniversity hall on Friday evenlng, Jan. 22d. The fame of this man will fill tibe hall to repletiom. The Argus need not answer the questioai about Senator Iirice unless it wants to. It lias been ascertained thiat he ivas a meniber of the law claee of 18G6, in thie D. oí M., bat did not But that's emough. S. W. CwtlaB, ''.-, succeeds Ealph .Stone as maníiging editor of the U. of M. Daily. Mr. Stone hae proven himeelf an excellent man for the po rition. Chai)nian '92, and McEncroe '93, succeed Jewell and Weller, a.s associate edit-ors. James B. McMahom, oí Luddlngton, Vho was recöiitly appointed assistant öletrlct a-ttorney for the western district of Michigan, is a farmer Washtenaw county boy, ha.ring been born in Sharan. He is a gradúate of the university lit. clase of '75. There was au entertaining session of the WomaJi's Ijeague last Siiturday p. m., lead by Mra. Augell. Mauy mibjccts -vTe diacussed, but whcther ot not any conclueions were reaclit'd Jias .not been ascertained. (tntk'inen and reporters were not allorvved. to bc present. Th! services for the dedicatiom of the new imiversity hoepital ooeur toïiight at undverelty hall. Addresses ■will be miwlc by Dr. Albert L. Glhion, medical director of the United States ïiavy, and aleo by Bishop Gillespie, oí Grand Itapids. and Mayor Doty, of t.liis city. President Angelí will pretekte. The Political Science Association has fcecured two lecturers in whom the public -vvill be interested. K. I'. Porter, superintendent of the census, who "will talk about that important affair, tml Washington Gladden, who will ■will epeak of the "Ijfe and Services lol Abraham Lincoln." The two will cost 50 cents. Th date for the sparring, wrestling, and fencing contests has been placed ou Priday evening, February 19. The cantéate will be held in the opera house and will be open omly to írtudente ot the University. The weights Uk the pao-ring ajid wrestling are as follows: Featherwelglit, 115 pouiwls and under; lightweight, 115 to 135 .pounds; middleweight, 135 to 158 .pouods; heavy■weight, 158 pounds and over. There are about twelve medies in training already, and the irospeets are that the other departinemts will be as well tepresented. The contesta are to be held under A. A. U. rules. The rounds jai sparring will be three in number, af three minutes length.- U. of M. Daily. The New York Mail and Exprese discouirees in tnls taanner upon the proposition to consolídate the New York City colleges: "Tne federatlom of the New York colleges into one great university worthy of the city of New York must Iww receive serions eousideration. A gemtlejnaa has proposed to the trustees oí Columbiu iuiil of the University 'ol the City of New York offering a largc ondo'wment lor a common building fund, should the two institutions lie Consolidated. Already the univcr■sity ccmncil ha-s considei-ed the matter na far as to appoiat a committee to confer wiek any similar committee wliich might be appointed by Colnmbia's trustees. The plan is likely, therefore, to engage the interest of the governing boards and the alumni of both institutions, and the inore it is disenssed the more practicable it will appear. New York should be the seat of the greatest and most complete university of tlüs country, as it i-s the commercial capital umi tla.] center. As a matter oí fact ,vi Lave jio univtTsit.v wortKy of thi ttame, no institution whdch compares with Harvard, Vale, Pílnceton-, Johns Hopkios ar the ünivereity of Michigan. Yot ColiMubia lias a magniíiccut endowmeni and an Jionorable ctureor of over one humlrcd and flfty yeaxe, -vhile the univcrsity has splenflid poet-graduate departments andthe reputation oí doisg the best nndergraduate work. Why have they not succeeded like colleges in or near smaller cities or tovnis ? The canse may be. fomiid Ín tlie fact that neither lias the undivided support of tlie ity. The University oí the City of New York has the title, and Columbia has the momey and the prestige, but ïieither has the students, nor do the Students ol either have the Indescribable "esprit du corps," the "college spirit," whlch characterizes and perïneatee the student body of country colleges, ;uid whlch is almost inseparable f rom tlie dorraitory system. Créate ia dormltory tsystem, somewhat removed from the din and bustle of the tity, foster the college spirit, use the ïnatchless endowment of Columbia to tprect suitable buildings, and not only will tilue Btudents who aiow go irom New York to other colleges stay at home, but studente -will be drawn hither from all over the country."


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