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Codkcil Chambbr, I Ann Arbor, Jan. 18, 1892. f Regular nieeihifj. Council met and was called to orde by President CooJey. lloll called. Present- Aid. Mano, Wines, Ilerz Martin, Fillmore, O'Hearn, Ferguson Kehbêrg, Hall, Kitson, Presiden Cooley.- 11. Absent- Aid. Allmendinger, Taylo -2. Minutes of last meeting approved. ORDINANCE C0MS1ITTEB. The ordinance committee reported an ordinance relative to sidewalks, which was gïven its first reading by title. RKrOKTS OF CITY OFFICEKS. The cityclerk read a communication from Railroad Comnrissioner Chas. R Whitman, stating tliat an order had been entered requiring the T., A. A. & N. M. R. R. to maintain safety gates at the orossing of Miller avenue and Washington stieet, a flagman at Liberty street and electric alarm bell signáis at South Main and Pontiac streets. Received and filed. The city clerk read the appointment of Jas. R. Bach as deputy city clerk until rebruary lst, subject to the approval of the Council. On motion of Aid. O'Hearn the appointment was coniirmed. MOÏIONS AND RESOLUTIONS. By Alderman Flllmore: Weereas, There is no telephone on the west side of Allen creek, Third ward, and no expeditious way to send in a tire alarm, therefore Resolved, That the Board of Fire Commissioners do cause to be located at the corner of Spring and Hiscock streets, a telephone to be placed in a suitable house 3x3, 7 ft. high, near the oak tree at said corner. Which motion prevailed by yeas and nays as follows: Yeas - Aid. Manu, Wines, Ilerz, Martin, Fillmore, O'Hearn, Ferguson, Kehberg, Hall, Kitson, President Cooley - 11. Nays, None. By Aid. Hall: - Whebeas, In the opinión of the Council the grade on north Fifth avenue between Beakes and Summit streets ought to be chauged and fixed and established to the end that sueh street inay be suitable for traflic witli wagons and other yehicles, therefore, Kesolved, That it ishereby ordered that the grade of north Fifth avenue between Beakes and Summit streets be cnangeu trom its present grade and iixed and established so that the grade along the center line of said street at and bet ween the streets aforesaid shall be as follows, that is to say: The elevations given being above the official City Datum, viz: At the south line of Sutnmit street seven hundred seventy-uine and 00-100 feet. At a point two hundred and fifty feet southerly f rom the south line of Summit street eight hundred one and 10-100 feet. At a point three hundred and seventy-five feet southerly trom the south line of Summit street eight hundred tour and 10-100 feet. At a point live hundred and seventvflye feet southerly froni the south line of Summit street eight hundred one and 10-100 feet, The said elevations being on and along the center line of said avenue and the balance of the roadway to conform thereto, and the grade lines to consist of straight lines between the several points or stations stated. Yeas- Aid. Manu, Wines, Herz, Martin, Fillmore, Ollearn, Ferguson, Kehberg, Hall, Kitson, President Cooley.- 11. Nays - None. Aid. Martin moved that a recess of fff teen minutes be taken, which motion prevalled. At the expiration of flfteen minutes President Cooley called the Council to order. KEI'OHÏS SPJSCIAL COMMITTEES. The sewerage committee read a paper on the proposed new sewer, which on motion of Aid. Hall was received and placedon file. By Aid. Martin: Whereas, A system of sewerage for the city, in the opinión of the Council, has become a necessity and for sanitary reasons is a neeessary public improvement, therefore, Resolved, That . it is hereby declared to be the purpose of the Council, the people voting to raise the necessary money by tax therefor, to cause a suitable system of sewers for the city to be constructed without delay. Resolved further, Tliat the subject matter of t such sewerage system, along with the last report of the committee on sewerage, be and the same is hereby referred to the Board of Public Works, with instructions to report and advise the Council at an adjourned meeting tobe held on Monday the 25th instant, what in their opinión would be the most suitable plan therefor and submit specifications thereof, also the kind, quality and amount of material uecessary for, and the probable eost of the construction of a main sewer for such proposed sewerage system. Which resolution prevailed by yeas and nays as follows: Yeas- Aid. Mann, Herz, Martin, Fillmore, O'IIearn, Terguson, Hall, Kitson, President Cooley.- !). Nays- Aid. llehberg.- 1. Aid. Martin moved that when we adjourn, we adjourn to meet at an adjourned meeting to be held Monday, January 25, at 7:30 p. m., which motion prevailed. An invitation was received f rom the medical faculty of the University to the Council to attend the opening of the University hospital on Wednesday next, which invitation was unanimously accepted.


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