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The Weekly Inter Ocean

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STILIi CONTINÚES The Most Popnlar Family Newspaper in the West IT IS THE BEST NEWSPAPER FOB THE HOME .-. .-. THE WORKSHOP, OR THE BUSINESS OFFICE. por THE PROFESSIONAL MAN, THE WORKINGMAN, or THE POLITICIAN. -uSfftt.-y ' ", conducted, JLLP KIPLITOSHIHMYpAHE, MAHY HAE1WELE CATHERWOOD, THE BEST STORIES AND SKETCHES IN THE LANGUAGE. lts FOREION and DOMESTIC CORRESPONDENCE is very extensivo and the best. The Youth's Department, Curiosity Shop, Woman's Kinerdora & The Home Are Better than a Magazine ior the Family. One ol the Most Important Features ia the Department oí FARM AND FARMERS, "HolrílDSSTn"-. ÍOAED Wisconsin. Editor and Proprietor of ouUurists. anew feature andan important onetoAoriAN ALLIANCE DEPARTMENT fa1taato0eenia?mneer's ot th? cSoPuí?y .EUrPOSa ' di3cussta1 toe auestions now THE WEEKLY INTER OCEAN Is One Dollar per Year, postage paid. THE . . SEMI-"WEEKLY .-. INTER .-. OCEAN Is published every Monday and Thursday at $2.00 per year, poatpaid The DAILY INTER OCEAN is $6.00 pcTJtaq! paid The SUNDAY INTER OCEAN is 2.00 ,LMagfêAm Liberal Termsto Activa Aaents. Send f or Sample Copy. Address THE INTER OCEAN, Chicago.


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