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Knowlton's Bathing Apparatus

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One of the most valuable agencies in contributing to the good health of all classes is the practice of judicious bathing, which is by no means the mushroom offsboot of one ideaism. lts beneficia! results have been proved in al most every climate, race and nation, most notably by the ancient Romans whose cultivated intellects. athletic persons and masterly manhood made ihem not only leaders in art and science bnt in war. and for a time coasters ot' the world. They knew well the power of the greatesi gland in the human system, - the ski, with its million of votes. At the downfa.ll of Rome lier splendid baths were destroyed in the ravages of' war, and the feudal system Ie ft only a chance for wealthy chieftains to have baths, while the habit of bathing was lost to the cotnmon people. It is said there are fifty baths to-day where there was not one twenty vears aro. Knowlton 's Bathing Apparatus is now considered the best bath ever known,being neater,cheaper, and more convenient than a stationary bath, witli no expense of bath room and fixtures. ït is light, simple, strong and durable, requires but little water and makes no slop. It is adjustable to different fbrms of baths - infa?its,adults, full sitz, etc, is uninjured byelectric, medicated or mineral waters, and is a complete arraiigementMbr families, physicians, army men, students, itinerants, everybody. Itreceived the Centennial award, meAal and diploma at the Philadelphia Exposition against the world . rae propnetor ( Mr. b. J . KnowJton,) at No. 2-t North State Street, is engaged ia manufacturing and vending the above goods, both wholesale and retail, and since lie commenced the bath enterprise. some tvventy-two years ago, has obtained three different patents and built up a large trade, including not only a fine city patronage but an extensivo shipping trade throughout the entireUnited States andCanada and a considerable foreign trade. Prices and full iníbrmation made known on application to the proprietor as mentioned above.


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