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Real Estate Transfers

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Chas. A. Spokes to " " " M L Spokes, et al, to " " " '50 J. S. Lapham, to Wm. Tait, Salem 900 A. W. Hamilton, et al, to Susan A. Fisher, Ann Arbor 600 J. Strieter to J. J. Strieter, et al, Lima- $ 400 John M. Alber to J. M. Alber, Jr., Freedom - 4.700 H. Douglas, by adm'r, to M. M. Seabolt, Ann Arbor 4,425 O. B. Hall to F. W. and S. Schulz, Ann Arbor 500 O. G. LaRue to F. E, Fischer, Ypsilanti 3300 A. B. Ockrow to A. W. Jaynes, Manchester „ 50 S. B. Morse to L. A. McClennahan, Ypsi L,100 A. Robins et al, by guardián, to O. G. LaRue, Ypsilanti. 3,925 Gertrude Crysler, by guardián, to O. G. LuRue, Ypsilanti 625 Rebecca Robbins, by guardián, to O. G. LaRue, Ypsilanti.l 1,313 Ann Arbor Gas Co. to the City of Ann Arbor 300 Chas. Fuller to G. M. & M. N. Russell, Augusta 2,150 H. M. Taylor to B. Steinbach, Chelsea- 150 Wm. Atchinson to J. A. McDougal, Superior 2,000 J. F. Lawrence to H. W. Zahn, Ann Arbor 300 Ann E. Rouse to S. C.Godfrey, Saline _ 150 J. A. Farmer to N. L. Bailey, Aun Arbor 1 C. A. Guern to Geo. A. Canfleld, Chelsea 1,200 Nelson Rice to M. A. Palmer, Milán 175 H. H. Palmer to Mary A. Palmer, York 100 W. H.Wanty to Peet Wanty, Augusta 800 A. B. Prescott to R. L. Williams, Ann Arbor 1,200 M. A. Lukina to Ada C. Millen, Ann Arbor 3,200 O. L. Robison to E. E. Calkins, Ann Arbor 100 F. L Andrew, by sheriff, to Chas. E. King, Augusta 2ti5 A. C. Hewitt, by sheriff, to Chas. E. King, Augusta 700 Moses Seabolt to V. JV. Van Orden, Ann Arbor 700 H. Volland to W. F. Rehfuss, Manchester 800 W. F. Rehfuss to H. Volland, Manchester 600 Andrew Hiller to August Hiller, Ann Arbor 1 W. F. Kern to L. Kiebler, Manchester.. 600 P. Hinckley to E. A. Ferman, Milán.... 500 Ellen E. Bradley to W. D. Adams, Ann Arbor 3,800 Free Estee, et al, to Jeremiah Patten, Ypsilauti 37 Catherine Beahau to Philip Kirn, Ann Arbor 3,100