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The Saline base ball boy hope t orgraniee a winning nine this year. Mrs. Abipriil Ode, wUe of Wm. Cole nf Saline, died on the -2d inst., age (il years. Chelsea is having a flower fest val this weck, it having commence yesterday. The golden wedding of Mr. and Mrs. George Savage, of Chelsea, wa.s cclebrated on the lOth inst. The Obeerver wouM like to have the several bicyde riders of Saline villaje lOi-ganize a bieyele club. There is not a vacant house in Ohelsea, and capital is invited to bulld sume ik'w ones to etipply the deInand. i Jolm Richards, of Saline, lost a valiial)ie three-years-old colt a few days sinco, by biaving; it torn on a barbed wlre {once. A writer in the Chelsea Herald advocates t he idea of adverti6lng on the part of churches, and believes that mothiog siu-cceds in these days that does not advertiiSe. A very unique and charming entertainment in tlie fonn of the Oradle Songs ol the Natione, will le given in nativc dialect and ecene, at the opera house on the 18th of May. - Ypsilantian. It will soon be the time of year to spray fruit trees. It will pay all who have fruit, apples, eherries, plums. etc, to spray tliem as this is the only way tJiat the erop can be isecured.- I'incktiey Dtopatch. A sensible girl out. west shipped an ndmirer because he left his horse unblaaketed on a cold day when he called to see her, reasoiihifr that if Jie neglected the comfort ot hie horse, he would that of hie wife.- So. Iyon iPicket. A local paper at Grand Iedge de clares that on Easter morning a lien l)elonging to a parishioner of one o the churches there, actually followec her lOwner to church and durinjï servioe, did her part right well by laying un Easter egg under his Seat. A irecount of votes at Howell gives the republicans the township clerk by ome plurality. In the original count the democratie candidate was declared elected by 12 plurality. The board of anvassers evidently did some crookd work. As the aoinual spring smudge of burning rubbish, oíd shoes, rubbers etc., filis the atmoepliere with lts offensive odor, it would seem as if our vjllage officials might take an. ad'vaiifed step by requiriing this filth íuid rubbish to be hauled to some í?ent!i-al dumping place.- Kowlerville Observer. We have heard of grass root growiug through potatoes, but we never huw it until last week, when we spadbd up a perfectly eouiid potato in pur garden, ui iuch and a half in ttiiametex, wiih tivo roots or stems ■oi' waat appeared like blue grass, passing entirely through it, in different kliirectkms.- Ypsilantian. It is strange how easily the public can be coaxed into dealing with strang ers, aiul even parting with their hard earned tnonej' iipon mere pretcnses. Theie is hardly a day passes but that faMrs of some kiud or another canvass tlie town anti the fat that they leeep gorng w indicative that they find tuckera without niuch trouble.- Fowlerville Observer. If you have an enemy, or a neighbor close by that you desire to punish, Or df you wish a first-class blessing (quietly) rake up the rubbish bout your yard, wait until the wind is just right to carry the emoko in the direction of such neighbor's home, then set fire to it and watch them close the kloors ,and Windows, at the same time Imagine what is being eaid of you.- Saline Observer. A Jiew swindle is described in thig B'ay: Two chaps watch the local papers for estray notices, and one of them goes and looks at the animal. Of course the farmer shows tlie beast and the fellow decides it i.s not bis. He theai returns to his partner with a minute description of the property. Number two then goes to the faxmer, and after proving by a thorougli description that he is the owner, says lie cannot take it away, and offers it at a bargain. If the farmer buy.s it, lie is out just so mucli Vhen the rightful owner appears. About 50 guest wit.nosso dthe mar riüge of Mr. George Webster and Mis Ida M. Speer, at Cheleea, on the evei Iiig of April 27, Ilcv. 0. C. Bailey pei tforming the ceremony. The board of supervisors of Livings loncounty havo agreed to allow liitch ing pools placed in front of the cour house square In Howell. Ata distanc it doesn't Beem to be just the thing to do. The house of James Walters, eas of Ypsilanti, was struek by lightning (Monday ntght and burned to 'th ground, the family escaplng in thei night clotlies. Loss $1,500, partially Insured. Ther' is a society of old veteran who were 90 days or more under fire during the last rebellion. Our esteom ed tellow cdtizen, E. A. Parks, has received his statement of service, taken drom the records, and it shows that he was 124 days under iire.- Stockbridge Sun. ('. F. Bacon, of York, prides himself In leading the list on productivo hens. He has 60 Minorcas that proünced 614 eggs in filteeo days. Four Bollara and forty cents was reallzed Erom tlie same flock in ten days during the month of February. A pretty nood record, ('ash, and far more profitaliU Tliat wlieat. - Saline Observcr. The H'dMor of the News dislikes to lug 'his private matter into print, but if a certain painter wlio Uves n ,the lake Bhore, doesn't come according to asreement, and put a second coat on our porch, we'll cut a full moon ovor ftacto leye and cares him with our boot. Wc don't deny boing angelic land all that, but we can't stand everything. - Grass Lake News. Miss May White, Ihe sleeping school teacher, is gaining rapidly. A few days ago, her fathei-, Palmer White, of Ingkam, visited lier at Dr. Brown's reeldeoce in this village, and iound her ,ble to Bit at the dinner table, the first time in her fatlier's company in over a year. The old gentleman's joy on the occasion can e-asier bc imagined than described.- Stockbridge Sun. The road case in the township of Ijima, which has been in controversy 'for a number of years has been amicatily settled to the satisfaction of all concerned by allowing E. K. White $325, Sarah J. Semey and H. P. Seney $185, Gaberiel Freer $115 and John 11. Gates $100. The township will, 5n the near future, have a road as the partios concerned have all signed


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