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The Chicng-o Cniversity, wtth its unlinjited Éiupply of mbaey in eecuring Mine excellent ability in its dlMerent chaire, aaid still, as has been woll demooastrated here at Ann Arfoor, it takes something besides money to build up a grea-t institution of learning. But money is a wonderful help, nevertheless. The U. of M. Minstrels will appear at Ypsilanti Friday evening, May 13. Their home performance will be at the grand opera house, May 20. Dr. Schuyler C. Gravea, of Grand Rapid.s. medie '81, will have an article in the June number of The Physieian and Surgeon, entitled "The Bichloride óf Meeury in the Treatment of 'Surgical Sepsis." The game of ball between the nine of the D. A. C, and the U. of M's last Saturday, was a very exciting one, and the eontest was decided a draw the score standing 4 to 4 at the end of the llth inning. The result was a surprise to the University boys as they were obliged to face their old battery, Cood and Walsh of last year, and did not have their regular batery. Iïut the man put in the box, Iarness, proved to be a puzzler for the Detroits, and he struek out 13 nen and Codd only sL. The Dental Journal, publlahed by he Dental Society of the University f Michigan, bae made its appearance, teing No. 1 of A'ol. 1. rt te a neat ournal of 32 pages, and contains a mimber oí artilles of interest to the n-ofession. lts lioard of pditors are 1. W. Dijads, '02, Miss C. M. Stewart '12, C. A. '!):',. G. E. Iwis )'!. Miss Augusta I-arson '94, G. E. OYibby '92. As every other departiie.nt in the university has its organ, t is just and right tliat the Dente liould also have an or;an, and they tari off in excellent ,6tyle. The new niblication will be issued monthly ■om the Oourler presses. Major Soule, the trea-surcr of the 'nivorsity, le quite elated over the inc moose family, consisting of male, ■male and calí, which he has had etuf(1 and mounted for the museum. The niinals came f rom the Hudson's bay egiou, and the male especially, is a oble lookiing animal, standing eight r nine feet high, and in every way cll proportioneel, wltib his immense lotus towerlag three or four feet above iis body. The group will be placed na glass case and placed in the nortk oom of the third floor of themu.seum milding, -vhich it is hoped will be ttted up thie eummer. Maj. Soule las workod a long linie to secure hese specimens and lie takes great iridc in showtog tlioni to lus friends. Ir. CoTert is the taxidermist and ie lias dono hifi work well.


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