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The number of prominent men who liave assured the commtttee that they Nvill be here to attend the banquet of the U. of M. KepubUcan Club at :the Kink on the 17th inst., is eurprislngly large, and conssiists of the following: Gov. Wm. McKinley, of Ohio. Judge Thurston, of Nebraska. Hom. M. M. Etee, of California. Hom. J. S. Clarkeon, of Iowa. Ex-Congressmíin Masón, of Illinois. Mr. A. B. Humphrey, of N, Y., the National Seeretary of the Kepublican League. Gen. K. A. Alger, the pride of Michig-an. Iïon. J. C. Burroughs, of Michigan. Hou. Jas. O'Donnell, of Michigan. The fia-st iour gentlemen are of national repute as orators, and the trt'hers are little, if any, beblnd them. Tresident Harrieon has written the committec that he will use lus best endeavors to secure the presence here tf Iïon. Cliauncey M. Depew, of New lYork. If he i euccessful, then indeed 'will the cup of happinese of tlie memtere oif the Club be complete. There iwdll be as fine a fjalaxy of orators here (i.s America can produce. It is the desire of the committee lia ving the banquet in charge to accommodate all the resideats of Washtenuw county who destire to be present that they can, and then grant the applications that are pourinig in {or tickets from abroad. In order to Beture ome of these tickets it will be iiecessary to apply at once. Tickets may be obtained of the iollowing gentlemen in Ann Arbor: E. F. Johnson, John Heinzmann, Evart H. Scott, J. T. Jacobs, Junius E. Deal, Col. H. S. Dean, A. L. Noble. People of Ann Arbor and vicinity riesiring to secure tickets will do well to make iramediate application. Letters have been receive'3 from the ïollowing universities and colleges Hmotng others, stiting that delegates liad beeai appainted and would be present: Tale, Harvard, Princeton, üornell, Brown, Amherst, Oberlin, Lellajid Stanford Jr., University of Pennbylvania, Northwestern, University of lowa, of Wisconsin, of Minnesota, of (Colorado, etc., Albion, College, Agritnltural College, Olivet, Adrián, Northwestern Michigan, and in tact from nearly all the i.nsrtitutions of learning in the northern states, from Maine to California. The íirst meeting oí College Republican Onl will certainly be a great success. The noted men of the party Vccoiiivize the necessd'ty of laying before the younig men of the nation the principies of the party, and will come iprepared to do their very best. The arra-ngements that the local bommittees are making are the most complete, and no páina will be spared to -make t-he affair from bcginning to end a magmlfieent euccess. John M. Langston, the eloquent orator, of Virginia, lias accepted the invitation to be present at the rcpublican bamiuet May 17th. ■ 'w .Tudge C. B. Gra.nb will deliver the Memorial Day address at Chelsea, on the 30th inst. The city physieian wlll hereaft er make an annual report o( his work to the council or else his office will be aboliehed. Tlie Fowlerville Observer says that the recent G. A. E. encampment at lAnn Arbor was one of the most ucceseful ever held. The .anmual meeting oí the Grand Commandery Knighte Templar of Michigan, ■will take place at Jackson, on the lTtli and 18th imst. There were abont 250 Ann Arborites who attended the excursión to Toledo last Sunday, under the auspicies of the C. M. B. A. Orlando Lathrop died at his home in the 3d ward, on Monday, Hay 2d, aged 59 Jreare, of pneumonía. Funeral services this, Wednesday p. m., at 3 o'elock from residence, No. -'■ Spring st.. Bev. .1. T. Sunderland condueting the same. Mies Mary Cümie, daughter of Mr. and Mpb. Andvcw ('Umie, formcrly of lAmi Arbor, a gradúate of the Univcrsity of n, and for a lew tvears past a teacher ui tho Battle Creek High School, died at her liome ini that city on Wedneeday evcning last. She had filled her position there with eminent satisfartion to pupila ti nd inembers of the eduoational board. The an-nouncement of hor death is bécelved with sadness, wherever she as known. On Sunday last, Wm. K. Hamilton, of Salem, aged 45 years, died at the home of his mother on S. Thayer st., aged 45 years. Funeral services were held Tuesday noon, and the remains taken to Salem for burial. The deceased was a native of this county, having been born in Salem. He was a brother of A. W. Hamilton, Esq., of this city, and a man greatly respected by his frlends Tiid acqualntances. lic owned a farm of 300 acres in Salem, had been a staunch fricnd of the County Ag. & Hort. Society, and for years one of its officials. He was a racmhei' of the Congregational church. The family of the deceased, consletlng of á wife and five children, have the sympathy of many friends. id.


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