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Editor of Courier: - At the request of the county committe of the World's Fair commissionere and Stirte Commissioner Belden, the county fair managers have offered premiums on the different grains and grasses in bundies, as grown in tne county. The object Is to select from the same, the .best for the exhibit at Chicago in 1893. Washtenaw has excelled every county in the Istate in the productions of her grains for different years, according to the report of the necretary of state. The county will be well represent ed at the World's Fair in educational, manufacturing, fruit, and live stock departments. The county commissioners degdgn thuat the agricultural display Bhall ■be second to none. Aa the Fair society is anxious that the World's Fair nhall be a success, we will pay premiums to bring out the best. We .hope tthat the patrons will contribute samóles 'of first premium nrticles to the county commissioner, with address, names of articles, and descriptions of soil on which the same were grown. The exhibit must be in bundies, showing the length of straw and the liead wilth quality of grain; we Bhall ask for two bundies of each:- White. Bed tind Spring whcat: oate, Rye, Baric. . tlover, timothy, flax, sorgbum or BUgar cane, broom corn, orchard graas, inlllet, llun.uarian grass, corn of different kimis. Tlie object oí this early publication i.-i tliat thft farmers may take an interest in BOWing the best seed and preparing for it. To oncourage them, the managers of the fair have resolved that the coming fair, to be held In Ann Arbor. Betpb. 27, 28, 29 and 30, shall be the best ever held in rthe county. County CommUssioner Belden has promised to be there to get pointers for the state exhibit at Chicago. F. E. MILLS, Sec'y. Patrondze home industries. Thig toeans success to your churches, bchools and societies. The industries tf strangers and traveling fakirs means to destroy all that Is good, beautiful U.nd desirable about you, and leave you lite a stranded boat on an island. The true patriot in nis effort to help others Is unconsciously doing himself a great hervice. The selfish man who regards only hie immedlate advantages Is unconsciously working himself the est


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