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Council Chamber. ] Ánn Arbor, May 2d, 1892. j Regular meeting. i Called to order by Pres. Cooley. 1 Roll called. A quorum present. '■ Absent, Alderman O'Mara- 1. Minutes of April 18th meeting ap' proved. COMMUNICATIONS FROM THE MAYOR. To the Honorable the Common Council: Section 46 of the charter of the city of Aun Arbor provides that, "The Mayor .... shall from time to time giye to the Common Council iuformation in writing concerning the aftairs of the Corporation and recommend such nieasures as he may deem expedient." Long continued use and custom have had the efficacy of law to make it incumbent upon the Mayor at one time in the year especially to transmit to the Couneil a comrminication in writing which partakes vtry much of the nature of an inaugural message. In obedience to that custom it is my duty and my pleasure to submit to you at this time a few words of salutation and perhaps of recommendation before we enter upon the duties and the responsibilities of the coming municipal year. It has been truly said that "the very essence of free government consists in considering offices as public trusts bestowed forthe good of the country and not for the benefit of an individual or a party." We who have been ealled by our f ellow-citizens to aummister the humble but onerous offices of city government should always remember that the very nature of our responsible relation exposes us to peculiar peril either of political subserviency of of personal interestedness. For a cit y in its abstract entity is a political unit or factor of unusual interest and iinportance, while at the same time it is a "business proprietor in ahigherdegree than any ollier form of municipality." And so in striving to avoid the Scylla of excessive political and partisan zeal, let us beware lest we fall into the Charybdis of ignoble self-seeking. As we value the system of free government, of which our city is an integral part, let ït be our constant endeavor to perpetúate and preserve its very essence that "'public oflice is a public trust," vmtainted and unpolluted by any official act of ours unwoithily or basely done. I am coniident that all of us have set for ourselves a high standard of municipal and official honor, and so long as we remember that our respective offices, lowly though they be, are bestowed for the good of our city and ultimately of our country, wc shall always maintain that standard, for ourselves, at least, unpolluted and undeflled. The conscript f athers of ancient Home in timts of imminent danger passed the stately fabric of their goyernment to sta) wart hands, with this injunction: "See to it that no harm shall come to the republic." In these later days this quiet little city itself , in some respects an epitome of immortal Rome. passes the fabric of her municipal life to you, her conscript fathers, confldent in the belief that your wisdom and your patriotism will see to it that no harm shall come to her. As the repositones of that honorable but exacting trust, I greet you, fellow citizens of the Council, and I trust that you will regard my congratulations which I now extend to you equally aá sincere as my desires for your best and wisest deliberation in the year to come. I have but few recommendations to submit to your honorable body. My experience with the affaire of the city during the past year has suggested to me very many ideas which I tlnnk might be used to the proiit of the city, were itnot rorthefactthatourlirnited income precludes, for the present at least, auy radical departure from the customs now in vogue, even though ultimately tlieir practical application would make for decided economy. Thus r am verv much af raid that the city erred in previous years in placing itself at the mercy of corporate interests in matters which relate so intirnately to our.civicwell-beingasplentif ui and pure water at lowest possible rates and sufficient artificial light at lowest possible cost of production. I suggest to your honorable body a careful examination of these most important factors of our municipal health, safety, comfort and expense, and such advice and recommendation as to the future as your investigation shall enable you to give,. I have no hesitation in saying that in my opinión the city ought as a business proprietor to own and manage those concerns which artificially ard at a potentialproñtto their owners, supply the people with such indispensable necessities as those elements in nature, water and light, The potential proflt ought to be saved to the people, for private gam or interest ought not to stand between God, the creator of the elernents, and man, the object of His care and bounty. Iregret very much that our liberal franchises for rapid transit have not been productive of equally liberal concessions to the popular cónvenience on the part oí our beneficiaries. I especially hoped that the present system of transit would be extended so as to open up the attractive and eligible section of our city, knovvn as "The Xorth Side." As "the whole city" should be the object of our continued care and solicitude, I respectfully suggest to the Conncil a careful scrutiny of all future contemplated concessions, to the end that all our citizens, as far as possible, shall be enabled to enjoy the privileges which alleonceáe with every grant of municipal franchise. . It is to be hoped that the Board of Public Works and your Committee on Parks and Grounds will co-operate for the improvement and beautiflcation of our scenic highway, the Boulevard, which has come to be an object of exceeding interest to our citizens and of keen delight to all "who in the love of nature hold communioa with lier visible forms.:' A similar care and attention ought also to be bestowed upon those parks and inclosures which are the property of the city, or over which we exercise a flduciary control, tor they, together with our highways and bridges, are especially noticeable by the strangers who visit us so often and to whose favorable opinión we must look for a large share of our continued prosperity. In this connection I am glad to bear testimony to the efficiënt work of our Board of Public Works and their Commissioner during the past year. The new iron bridge No. 3, and the almost completely rebuilt bridge No. 2, the street improvements in the various wards, notably in the third, are instanced as suggestive of their energy and'care. The reports of the various departments have been submitted for your inspection. I take pleasure in commending the report of the Pire Department for its admirable lucidity of statement and the conclusive evidence it bears of the economy and efficiency of our system of flre protection. I regret, however, to say that I have failed to notice any material reduction in rates of insurance, resulting f rom the comparative immunity we guarantee the underwriters from destructive conflagrations. The financial statement of the City Treasurer has been submitted to you. It is very gratifying to me that the administration succeeded during the past year in bringing our city expenses below the total of those of the very frugal and economical year preceding. With a larger balance in the city treasury today tlian that which confronted the last Council a year ago, let it still be our determinationto leave to our successors an even greater balance to their credit, and to ourstlves the proud satisfaction of more rigid economy than that of our predecessors the administration of 1891-1892. We cannot err if this shall be our motto: "Economy in the public expense, that labor may be lightly burdened." I regret that the Board of Public Health has not submitted lts report ni time for my official consideration. I realize the limitations and difficulties iinder which this board continually labors, but I shall indulge the hope that tlieir efïorts for our sanitary policing and precautions will be more markedly successful d uring the coming yeav. Their mission is of vital importance, and deserves the assistance and co-operation not only of officials but also of every good citizen. I have been efficieutly a3sisted during the past year by the legal acumen and knowledge of our able city attorney. But both the city attorney and myself , and also our citizens, would be greatly aided by a compilation of our city ordinances, for it is now almost equally difficult either to execute or to obey the city's laws for want of opportune and accessible knowledge thereof. I suggest appropriate action on your part looking to au econoinical coditication and publieation oí the charter and the ordinances of the city. Finally, it is rny hope that all your deliberations will be conducted witb a due and prudent regard not only for the necessities but also for the obligations which ova condition as an intellectual center imposes upon us. Bespeaking for us all the charitable forbearance of those wlio will f rom time to time challenge our motives and our actions, and asking of all our citizens a continuance of their decent respeet for la w and constituted authority, I have the honor to submit this communication in the spirit, if not in the letter, of our city charter. William G. Doty, Mayor. Ann Arbor, May 2nd, 1892. Aid. Wines niovcd that the mayor's message be received, printed and referred to the proper committeeg. Which inotion prevailed. CITY OF ANN ARBOR, MAYOR OFFICE.) To the Honorable, the C'ommon Council: I have thisday appointed, subject toyour approval, the followiug city offieers : . City Attomey tzra B. Nor. City Treasurer. - Bamttel W. BeaSea. City Marshal .lames R. Murray. Meinberof Board of Pub lic Works Jacob F. Schuh. Memberof Board of Fire Commiaaionera., Mosea Seabplt. MembiTofBourd of Health John Kapp.M.Ü. Jiavul Collius, i Patrolmen - - - Noble C.Tioe, f Wm. G. Dott, Mayor. Aid. Wines moved that tlie appointments of the Mayor be received and filed and passed upon Bepar&tely. Whicli inotion prevalled. Aid. Martin mOTed that the appointment of E, B. Norria as city attorney be oonlirmed. AVhich motion prevailcd by a yea and nay vote as follows: Tea- Aids. Wines, Schairer, Martín, Herz, Fillmore, Snow, Ferguson, Rehberg, Taylor, Kitson, Prettyman and Pres. Cooley- 12. Nays- None. Aid. Taylor moved that the appointment of S. W. Beakes as city treasurer be confirmed. ■Which motion prevailed by a yea and nay vote as follows: Yeas- Alds. Wines. Schairer, Martin, Herz, Fillmore, Snow, Ferguson, líeliberg, Taylor. Kitson. Pri'ttyman and Pres. Cooley- 12. Naya - Nonse. Aid. Taylor moved that the appointment of Jas. B. Murray as eity marshal be confirmed. Which motion prevailed by a yea and nay rote as follows: Yeas- Alds. Wines, Schairer. Martin, Herz, Fillmore, Snow, Ferguepn, Renberg, Taylor, Prettyman and Pres. Cooley- 11. Nays- Aid. Kitson- 1. Aid. Prettyman moved that the appointment of Jacob F. Schuil as member of the board oí public works be confirmed. Which motion prevailed by a yea and nay vote as (ollows: Yeas- Alds. Wines, Schalrer, "Martin, Herz, Fillmore, Snow, Ferguson, Renberg, Taylor, Kitson, Prettyman and Pres. Cooley- 12. Nays- None, Aid. Herz moved tlaat the appointment of Moses Seabolt as member of the board of fire comniissioners be coníirmed. Which motion prevailed by a yea and nay vote as follows: Yeas- Aid. Wines, Schairer, Martin, Herz. Fillmore, Snow, Fergueon, Reh berg, Taylor, Kitson, Prettyman and Pres. Cooley- 12. NayS- Noae. Aid. Wines moved that this comí cil ask for a report of the board o health, and the appointinent of Dr. John Kapp be postponed. Whlch motion prevailed by a yea and nay vote as follows: Yeas- Aids. Wines, Schairer, Martin, Herz, Fillmore, Snow, Ferguson, Rehberg, Taylor, Ivitson, Prettyman and Pres. Cooley- 12. Xays- None. Aid. Wines moved that the appointments of patrolmen be postpohed, algo that they be dismissed trom the present service. Which motion did not prevalí by a yea and nay vote as follows: yeas- Aids. Wines, Schairer, Kitson -3. Nays- Aids. Martin, Herz, Fillmore Snow, Ferguson, Renberg, Taylor Prettyman and Pres. Cooley- 9. Aid: Prettyman moved that the ap pointment of patrolmen be laid o the table until the next meeting. Wliieh motion was lost by a yea and nay vote as follows: Yeas- Aids. Wines, Schalrer, Prettyman - 8 Nay- Aids. Martin, Herz, Fillmore, Snow, Ferguson, Renberg, Taylor, EUt son, Pres. Cooley- 9. Aid. Wines moved that we proceed with our business by hearing the report of the (inance committee. Aid, Taylor moved that Aid. Wines' motion be laid on the table. Which motion prevailed. Aid. Martin moved that the appointmont of David Collins as policeman be confirmed. Teas- Aids. Martin, Herz, Fillmore, Snow, Ferguson, Rehberg, Taylor, Prettyman, Pres. Cooley- 'J. Nays- Aids. Wjnes, Sthairer, Kitson -3. Aid Wines moved that the appointment of Noble C. Tice be not confirmed. Aid. Martin moved to ammend so lthat tlie word "not" be stricken out of Aid. Wines' motion. Which arnendment prevailed ly a yea and nay vote as follows: Yeas- Aids. Martin, Herz, Fillmore, Snow, Ferguson, Rehberg, ïaylor, Prettyman, Pres. Cooley- 9. Xays- Aids. Wines, Sehairer, Kitson, -3. The original motion now being put, prevalled by a yea and nay vote as follows: Yeas- Aids. Sehairer, Martin, Herz, Fillmore, Snow, Ferguson, Kehberg, Taylor, Prettyman, Pres. Cooley- 10. Xays- Aids. Wineg, Kitson- 2. City of Ann Arbor, Mayor's Office. To the Honorable the Commou Cotm; cil: Pursuant to the provisions of the statute in such oase made and privided 1 have this day appintcd subject to your approval, the following named persona as membera oí the Board of Building Inspectora: (ottlob Lulck, Warren E. Walker and Herman Krapf WILLIAM G. DOÏY, Mayor. Aid. AVines moved that the appoint ments of membera of the board of building inspectora be confirmed. Which motion prevalled. PETITIOXS AXD COMMUNICATIONS. A petition signed by Pred Esslinger and seven other residents and proper ty holders of the 3d ward, asking for a grade etc. on Brook and Sumit sts Eeferred to strect committee. A petition signed by forty-three residents and property holders of th ty of Ann Arbor, asking for the exension of S. Thayer st. on the Unes f Thaver st. as now located, in said ty, trom HUI street south to Park treet. Referred to street committeo. A petition was received from the roperty owners on Ashley street and f the 3d wtwd, asking for the contruction of a sidewalk on Ashley st., om Miller ave to Feleh st., and on orth street from Main to Ashley Sta Reterred to sidewalk committee. A petition signed by John Mclïugh nd eleven others, residents and proprty holders of the eity of Ann Arbor, that a plank sidewalk be orered built in front of the property of [arvey Cornwell on Fuller st. Reterred to sidewalk committee. A petition signed by C. C. Clark and fifteen other residents and property holders oï the 4th and Cth wards, asking for an electric light on Ann st. near Observatory st. Iteferred to ligliting eommittee. To the Commnn Council: We, the Board of Public Works, respectfully ecommend that it is a nectsssary public ïmrovement to establish grades on Go and ummlt Btreets. Also that au appropnation e made of $200, to do the necessary grading on By order óf the Board of Public Worta. Clerk. Referred to strcct committee. REPÜliTS OF STANDING COMJIITTEES. F1NANCE. To the Coninwn Cornial: Your committee on Finance respectully report that they have had the ollowing bilis under consideratiou and would recommend their allowance at sums stated. CONTINGENT FUND. W, J. Miller, salary ? 88 E. B. Norris, " gïï J. H.Stark, " ? Martin Clark ' í;? Jr. John Kapp ' "9 Dr. E. A. Clark," f? EliW. Moore, " gi" S.W. Beakee, " Í2 "x David Rinsey, office rent 01 UU P. G, Suekey, election notice.... ------ A w Geo. W. Week8. wood tor 5th Ward Enirine House -----.--- a "" H C Clark, woocl for 6th Ward Engine House i "" Mack & Schmid, 6upplies Martin Halier, " -■ - - „ïï Ann Arhor Democrat. election notice. 2 50 Uichmond & Backus Co., supplies.--.- p D. J. Briggs & Co., deooration, G. A. R. loO 00 Kobison & Howlett. hack w vv. J. jMilier, supplies W. G. Snow, one rig - J JJJ P.O'Hearn, salary 1" w Ann Arbor T.-H, Electric Co.. Street íio-btiníT 5cö WO Ann Arbör'T.-HÏ Electric Co , .office 200 Total iim "A STREET FÜSD. Felson Sutherland, salary, 66 66 Christian Hiñe, labor w Joseph Lamborn ' i Datrick McCabe, " - ? Julius lietke, " W JohnMcArthur " August Tessmer " ■ J Wllliam Nimtz " o ; Jacob Michelfelder, labor 1 50 Joseph Hutzel, labor i 0 Gottlob Fienkbeiner, labor jo .7. Wilcox. labor i " Geo.Tuck, " J Guetave Waltere, labor i w Gordon Wallace, " ; WilliamKuehn, " 1 50 Andrew Zeigler " J M. Hogers " 150 Willis Ciark. labor 18 54 Miehael Williams, labor 29 6 MichaelKenny " 1 ' PatrickRyan ' 150 Miehael Heary, teamtng M Geo. Weeks, snow plowing o uu William Mason, teaming 8 50 KichardBurns " } Albert Petteys " : ? Hiram Kittridge " 12 o Jacob Hauser " 10 M) Israel Clark " 9o Elias Saddler " 15 Js Andrew Dupslott " 10 50 Nelson Sutherland, horse and eart 12 19 Spencer D. Lennon, 20 loads of stone .. 5 00 J, A. Polhemus, street sprinkling 10 00 Total 8" 88 BRIDGE FDND. Smith Bridge Co., bal. due on bridge No.3 122 00 $ 132 00 F1RE DEPARTMENT FUND. Fred Sipley, salary 60 00 C. A.Edwards, salary 50 00 Louis Hoelzle, salary 45 00 Henry McLaren, salary 45 00 Charles Carroü, salary 40 00 Max Wittlinger, salary 40 09 Alexander D. Jmus, salary 40 00 Sheidon F. Granger, salary 1800 Herman Kirn, salary 00 Louis Weinmann, salary - 8 00 John Kenny , salary 8 00 Sam McLaren, salary 8 00 Morgan Williams, salary H DO Mrs. B. Ream.washing 4 00 Fire & Water, monthly magazine 3 00 Hinsey & Seabolt. supplies 8 88 R. shoeing 5 35 Seabolt & Allmendinger, horse shoeing 17 90 Fred Kirn, hay 18 30 Heinzuiann & I.aubengayer, bran 1 T0 ?red Kegetz, straw -- 2 48 tobert Koss, salary 12 'J0 Total $ 1 66 PÓLICE FITND. ames R. Murray, salary 65 00 avid Collius, ealary 50 00 üoble C. Tice, salary 50 00 ohn Kenny, special pólice 0 00 Vm. Merithew, '■ " ti 00 frank Campion, " " 6 00 ohnKerberg, " " 3 00 David Gates, moving rubbish 50 Total $ 186 50 POOR FUND. Fred Sipley, Balary 10 00 ohn Hagan, áeords wood 8 00 I. C. Clark, wood 7 55 )oty & Feiner, shoes 3 00 Sberbach &Son, medicine 85 rohn Goetz & Son, groeeries 6 53 j. Gruner, shoes 3 OU iohn Goetz, jr., groceries 1 51 f. Henne, groceries 4 00 W. F, Lodholz, groceries 8 29 William H . Mcfntyre, groeeries 7 77 Mrs Ann Evans, aid 5 00 G. W. Snow, hack to county house 1 00 O'Hara & Boyle, groceries 3 61 C. Hinsey, groceries 4 71 ïlnsey & Seabolt, groceries 5 24 jOUís Hhode.wood 24 15 M. P. Vogel, meat 62 Total ï 103 83 RECAPITULATION. Contingent Fund $1,184 74 Street Fund 3T7 25 Bridge Fund 122 00 Fire Fund 456 56 Pólice Fund 186 50 Poor Fund 103 83 Total 82,430 88 Eespectfully subniitted. W ALTER L. TAYLOR, A. II. FlLLMORE, WlLLIAM HERZ, Finance Com. Aid Rehberg moved that tho report be accepted and adopted and warrants ordered drawn for the same. "N'liieh motion prevailed by a yea and nay Tote as follows: Yeas- Aids. Wines, Schairer, Martin, Herz, Pillroore, Snow, Ferguson, Rehberg, Taylor, Kiteon, Prettyman, and Pres. Cooley- 12. Nays - Neme. STEEET COMMITTEE. To the Common Council: Your Committee on Streets,to whora waa relerred the recommendations from the Board of Public Works (March 21st, 1892), respectfully report that they have had the subject matter under conslderation. and in a body have visited the different localities and fully Inspeeted the same, and would recommend that the followine appropriations be made, niuuely :- For sruding point between Beakes and Detroit streets,and for tiling Detroit streut f rom División strc-ettoMr. Weidlich'sproperty,$.m For building II111 street culvert.according to plans and speciflcatlona submitted. $350. Jfor building Fifth street (Sd ward) culvert, accordiug to plans and speciiications submitted, $oóO. , ... . Respectfully submitted, Dated, April 30, 1S."2. CHSISTIAN Martin, Wh. (;. Show, L. D. WlNES, A. 1'. FBSQU8ON, H. G. PRETTYMAN, W, L. Taylor, ötreet Cominittoe. Aid. Winea moved that the report be aecepted and adopted. Which motion prevailed as follows: Yeas- Aids. "Wines, Sehairer, Martin, Herz, Fillmore, Snow, Ferguson, Iiehberg, Taylor, Kitson, Prettyman and Pres. Cooley- 12. Nays - None. SIDEWALK COMMITTEE. Tothc Common Coimcil: Your Commlttee on sidewalks, to whom was referred the several petitions for sidewalks now on file, respectfully report that they have had the subject matter of said petitions under oousideration. and find that the gradmg and eontruction of the iollowing sidewalks are all nccessary public improvements.and would respectfully rocommend that the followiug sidewalks be brdered graded and cons truc ted.viz :- On Traver street along the east side, in front of the property of J. C. Allmendinger, Nelson Hogers, William N. Cooper, John McXally. and the Toledo, Anu Arbor and Northern Michigan Rail Koad ('o's land. On Fourth Avenue aloug the east side, from Huron street to Beakes street. On Observatory street along the west side, from Volland to Ánn streets. On Monroe street along the south side, from Thaïer to Ingalls streets. Oii Geddes Avenue along the north side, from Washteuaw Avenue to Observatory street. On División street aloug the west side, in front of the property of the estáte of David On Spring street along the west side, in front of the property of Jacob Ganzhorn. On Chubb street along the north side. in front of the property of Lawrence Hughes and Adolph Bethke. . On Liberty street along the north side, in frout of the 'property of Mrs. Mary Hawkins. On Huron street along the north side, in frout of the property of A. W. Hamiltou. Ou Washington street along the south side from Ashley street to Fifth Avenue, north side from Main street to Fourth Avenue. AU of which is respectfully submitted. Dated May 2d, IS92. Arthur .T. Kitson, Ernest Rehbkrü, D. F. SCHAIRKIt, A. H. FlLLMORE, William Herz, Sidewalk Committee. Aid. Prettyman moved that the report bc received and placed on file. Which motion prevailed. BOND COMMITTEE. To the Common Couveil: Your Conimittee on Bonds would respectfullv report that they have examined the folïowing bonds of liquor dealers, and would recommend their aceeptance with the sureties üamed : - Principal. SureUea. . , „.f (Herman Hardiughaus, Adam Kitz, JosephBaumgartuer. ,„,,,,,„,, íGottleib Buchholz, EmileGoelz, Adam Ritz. DRUGGIST BOXD. J. J. Goodyear, Jfe. Í.Srfing. A. H. FlLLMORE, H. G. Prettymak. Bond Committee. Aid. Martin moved that the report oE the Bond committee be acceptec and bonds therein specified, be approved. Which motion prevailed. REPOBTS OF CITY OFFICERS. CITY TREASURERS REPORT FOR THE 1I0NTH ENDING APRIL 30, 1892. ïo the Common Council of the City of Ann Arbor : Balance on hand as per last report 13,860.12 MONEY BECEIVED. Contingent Fund- Savings Bank, interest... 218 64 Miller, licenses 4,00 CemeteryFund- Manly, sale of lots 15.00 Total 237.64 14,097.76 MONEY DISBURSED. Contingent Fund $1,234.03 Street Fund 375.77 Firemen's Fund 415.80 Poliee Fund 169.00 Poor Fund 72.91 SoLdiers' Relief Fund 48.00 Bridg-eFuud, 14.02 Total 2,329.53 11,768.23 BALANCE ON HAND, Contingent Fund overdrawn 2,217.10 Street Fund.-.. 29.40 Firemen's Fund 3,701.45 Poliee Fund 1,334.83 PoorFund 1.590.25 Water Fund 3,789.71 Cemetery Fund 146.93 Soldiers' Hellet Fund. 970.64 Univereity Hospital Aid Bond Fund 840.00 Delinquent Tax Fund 1,101.86 Bridge, Culvert and CrosswalkFund,.... 2,584.98 DogïaxFund 100.00 Total $15,087.19 $3,318.96 Total Balance on hand $11,768.23 Respectfully submitted, S. W. Beakes, City Treasurer. Arm Albor Cily, May 2, 1893. Ann Arbor Savings Bask, I Ann Arbor, Mich., May 5,1892. j T the Cornmon Council of the City of Ann Arbor: This will certify that S. W. Beakes has on deposit to his credit as City Treasurer the sum of Eleven Thousand, Six Hundred, Thirty-hve and 45-100 dollars, (11,635. 45). Chas. E. Hiscock, Cashier. Continued on Third Page.


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