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The University Art Fund And Winchell Memorial

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An excellent opportunity for all those interested in the Art Fund of the University or in the proposed Winchell Memorial to contribute to both will be iven on Friday evening, June 3d. On :hat evening Prof. G. F. Wright, of Oberlin college, will lecture in "University Hall, beginning at 8:15 o'clock sharp, on "Prehistorie Man." Prof. Wright is a recognized authority in America on what he lectures, and is a nan of profound learniug and ripe scholarship. His lecture will be illus;rated by a number of slides representng the most valuable specimens of irehidogical research. The lecture is under the auspices of the Geological Society that is attempting to raise enough money to purchase a large sized portrait of Prof. Winchell, to be placed as a permanent memorial in the Art üallery. When this is the object a large crowd should greet Prof. Wright. Immediately preceeding Prof .Wright's ecture and .beginning at 7:30 sharp, Prof. Scott will lecture. His lecture will be on Art, generally, but more particularly confined to the painters Leonardo da Yinci and Michael Angelo. His lecture will be popular in character, explaining in a simple way the prineijles of art-criticism and the characterïstics of Italian painting. It will show why the "Old Masters" strike most people as ugly and repulsive. Each point will be copiously illustrated by more t litan 150 elides representing the most valuable pieces of art. Most of the illustrations are taken from the works of ardo d'aVinci and Michael Angelo. The Last Supper of the former and the Last Judgment of the latter will be shown in detail, together with the preliminary sketches, many of which have been but recently photographed, and not hitherto identified. A series of 30 slides shows the interior of Sistine Chapel at Rome, taking up in order each detail of Michael Angelo's frescoes. A large number of the slides are made from the drawings of the most charming character. Most of them have been but recently photographed, and are now shown with the stereoptican for the first time. One of the special features of the evening will be the Art Exhibit in the chapel of the University. The chapel will be handsomely fitted up and all the photographs of the collection hung upon its walls or displayed on easels. The photographs will be grouped in such a way as to bring together related subjeets, such as a series representing famous Last Suppers, another showing the celebrated Last Judgrnent, etc. This will be an excellent opportunity for those who saw the slides to study the photos at their leisure. Orchestral music will be at the chapel all evening and the room will be decorated in such a manner as to make the exhibit a nice I social affair as well as an Art Exhibit. Professor Scott has just finished a very successful course of lectures on Art in the University Extensión course at Detroit, and this lecture will be the only one of the year here, as Professor Scott starts for Europe on June 311 He has been trying to boom the University Art Fund this year, and all the proceeds of lus lecture will apply to the fund. He will study all surnmer in the best galleries in Europe and bring back with him many valuable views. He believes that with the aid of the most advanced methods of photography it is possible to secure reproductions by which tlie works of the " Old Masters " may be studied at tlie V. of M. to little less advantage than in tlie European galleries themselves. He is laboring in every way to secure a large fund, and with a generous response from the art-loving people of Arm Arbor and the University, the U. of M. will in time possess apparatus for the study of art which she need not be ashamed to compare with that of any of her sister institutions. Remember that the proceeds of the Friday evening lectures apply equally to the Art Fund and to the Winchell Memorial. One ticket admits to both attractions. Admission 35 cents.


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