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The condition of industrial affairs in the southern statos as sliown by reports received by the Tradesman, Chattanooga, Tenn., during the week ending Feb. 13, is that of increasing prosperity. The number of neiv industries formed durinR tlie week, as reported to the Tradesman, is larger and tKe Capital invested greater than for several previous weeks and the investments are oí a permanent and beuefieial kind. Flouring milis will be built at Buda, Texas, aark's Mili, S. C; South Boston, Va., and at Covington, Ky., replaeing one destroyed at that place; fence company with $100,000 capital was chartered at Hamburg and Aiken, S. C; a public cotton Lin factory for manufacturing cotton gins Is reported at Atlanta, Go. A 50-ton ice factory will be built at Chattanooga, Tenn., and one at Montgomery, Ala., and a canning factory at I.ittle Koek, Ark. Considerable interest has developed during the week in mining and manufacturing affaire. Tlie Tradesman reports that iron foundries will be erect ed at Cblumbus, Miss., and at Queeu City, Tex., the latter having $400,000 capital; that machine works with $75,000 capital will be built at Savannan, Ga., a $10,000 brick machinery company at Chattanooga, Tcnn., and that a $."(), OOU improvemént company has boen chart'ened at Hunting'tun, Ark. A company to mine and manufacture graphlte was incorporated at Birmingliam, Ala.; a kaolín eompany, capital $250,000, at Leesburg, Fia.; gold and silver mining eompanies at Olden, Tex., and Spartanburg, S. C; , coal mining eompanies at Farmington, W. Va., Jasper and Tuscaloosa, Ala., the latter having $250,000 capital, at Jasper, Tenn.; an iron mine at CVdar Blulf, Ala., aind a lead mining eompany at Chattanooga, Tenn. A .$200,000 wood-working eompany -was reported at Louisville, Ky.; a wheelbarrow faetory at Birmingham, Ala.: hub and spoke l'aetories establislud at l'aragould, Ark., and Macón City, W. Va., and Dyersburg, Tenn.; a $25,000 lumber eompany at. Georgetown, W. Va., Rome, Ga., Walkerstown, N. C, and Monroe, N. C, and satv and stave milis at Brewton and Isbell, Ala., Xon-ross, Ga., Red Springe and 8Uverdale, X. C, Toone, Tenn., and Dnndee, Miss. Xhr Tradeoinan also reporta enlargement of a bréivéry at Mobile, Ala.; oí Ice and cold storage planta at Crenliani, ïox., and Eufála, Ala., and of a coal mine at Coal City. Ala., and of wood-working plañís at i'lain Dealing, La., MaysTille, Ky., and Sulfolk, Va. Sijteet rallroads wefe organized during the week at Rome, Ga., Clarksville, Tenn., and Moutgomery, A],i. Amotg important new buildiaigs portfU afe office buildings at Atlanta, ia... and Knoxville, Tenn., a eourt house at Rnsséllville, Ala., i S5Ó,000 college building at Knoxville, Tenn., a $30,000 ehureh at Columbus, Ga., and one at Huntsville, Ala. - Mempnis Commercial. General orders have been issuefi ion tor the amniKU onoampment oï state troope to take place t Island Lake, ciiiiiinriu-ïng Au.g. 17, and la.sting one week. It look) vat y muflí as ií Detroit liad bt-aa Xew Yorking-sleeping- and allowed othi-r hustliing portions oí the state lo capturo all the availabla space allottfid to Michigan at the World's Fair. At fítauton, a íduig Men'i Kepublkan Club," wtth liity .u-tivo, aLl ulive, wid awake mmbers, has beoa orgajrzefl.: ljj tilia articular Btántom Btaoda at the heád, and might weU bo pattfi-njd after. Cougressiaan Chipman has inirodutVlí p bilí tp authoi-iize the coaistructjíkii oí a tr.unel uudèr the Detroit rivtr at Detroit. Oongreesmat Alien d'd tlite isajne thiing threu béara aso, but i,t did üot do auy good. Tiie last issue of the Sciemtific Ameritan liad aun Khwtrated article upou "The Mauuifacturu oí Tin at Ut. Loo fe.n Ui ooHirse the artille and pictures are a.11 They d o not maaufacture any tin in this country you kinow. ÏIil' cek'bration of the golden we dimg oí King Oiuriwtlan and his tnteea Loudse, oï IX'nmark, occurred at Ooponliagen, on Thursday last. Tliia good rult'i-, different trom the generai rum of ruku-s, hias lived happily with lii wiie, auid It is quite meet that thcy Kliould make their öüth annüversara grea-t occa.s5o.n. But few kings ever had a golde.n wedding. At Mantreal on tlie queen's birthda.v, eotme otf tlue garrieon of Canadiau ot Engösh troeps, went about the city and ardered every merchant wbb li id the Amerfcaai flag flyi,ng among bun dec-oratiaiis, to tafee tUe same down, and foroed tilue insult to the U. 8. i'lag xipon th-cm, againet thek protest, 'iliu iifxt day Col. Cole, the Oammaodamt, went to Gen. Knapp, the V. ,s. consul, and apologized. H vtT.y ffusibly lost na time in naking neoeeeary acmends. President Llaí&ólú i.s credited wlU) tiie homely saying: "Some people c;ui be í(H)i,.ii all tibie time, and all the people can be fooled some of the timo, l):ii you can't fooi all tfae pcoiile alï Hic ü-me." The ma}örtty of the people o! .MK-hiu-an Wie fooieS Iwö yeart ano, ioliti;-all.v. Thi'.v olected il legtelature, ttae niajority oí uiiich foir ttushtmesty, iiHiMupcu-ncv and bulllieadi'd willfullucss wus ïievor oiualcd in toe ;iU;iais oí tbe etátes. n wíll ï"11 be a dmtcult tWog to iool them i. ot all 8%ns and eaylnga are at a loss.


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