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BAD SKiK ERUPTION Many Years. All Manner of Medicines and Doctors Fall. Cured In One Montii by Cuticura. Tn 1885 I had an eruption come out on my pkin, and while at first it did not amount to raucb, it grew to be very aggravating and at times unbearaMe. The skin would get bard, inflamed, and peel off, leaving nn entire new kin, acting eame way for weeks at m time, always worse at nights. Have tried all manner of medicines and had doctors prescribe to do effect. I bought a box oí CtmcuRA Kemediïs and used Cuticuba Rïsoltïnt for my blood. I am fully cured, and in lesa than a month. It was a moet aggravating pkin discase, and now I am enjoying ease and comfort. I have had untold benefit. Anyone trying Cuticura Remedies can not help but derive benetit. Anyone writing me will receive an answer and my advice to give your Remedies a trial. A. B. FATTON, Manager Postal Tilegraph-Cable Co., Garden City, Kansas. Doctor Uses Cuticura We have opened a drug store at thia place and are haviog a splendid sale on Cuticur Rihedies, wbich we keep a full stock of. I would not be without your Cuticura Rksoltint, Cuticura, nd Cuticura Soap for $500, just for the benefit it did my Iittle boy. When be was six raonths old, his face was covered with eczema, and Cuticura Rkhedibs cured it. He is now three years old We still use the Cuticura Soap, and wah hira occasionally with it, to prevent his skin f rom getting rough. We have handled your medicines for five years, and never heard a complaint agaiost them, but abundan tpraiie. We eold our drugBtorein Xausaa, and will continue in the drug business here. C TEAÖAR,M.D., Haller City, Snohomist Co., Washington. Cuticura Remedies Are eold everywhere. Prlce, CüTicCHA, the great 8kio Cure, 50c; Cuticura Soap, an exquisite ckiu Puriflerand Beautifier,25c; Cuticura Resolvent, the new Blood Purifler, $1. Prepared by the Potter Druo and Chemical Corporation, Boston. a-Send for " How to Cure Skin Diseases," 64 pages, 50 illustratioos, and 100 testimoniáis. Q UPLES, black-heads, red, rough, chapped, and I I III oily skin cured by Cuticura Soap. Y" HOWMYSIDEACHES! SJ Aching Sides and Back, Hip, Kidney, Cal and Uterlne I'ainfl, and Kheumatism roKnk lleved In one minute by the Cuticura I v' il Anti-Pain Piaster. Pnce, 25 ets.


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