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The Damnation Of Faust

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The produetion of the "Damnation oï Faust" by the Choral Union last Frklay evening was a grand musical ■vent. (irander perhaps than has been gtven in any city the siza of Aran Arbor, the world over. For oioe not accustomed to musical criticiism, or familiar with the teclmicaj erius oí ïnusicfeuis, it is a little diïücu'it to wrïte up such a concert. There were mifetakes made, both by :hte chorins and ori'lie.stra, but those are not to be referrd to, you know. JHhJe -vork oif the orchestra ití perfectly graaid itai thils wnpoBitlon. In f act t takes the lustre off the chorus o a great extent. In that respect t ík diifereint froim the "'Redemptian," vhich was more faultlessly rendercd ast year. Xevertheless it was a woiwJerfu] oveivt ÍOT Ann Arbar, or any otlier place, for that matter. Mrs. Bishop as Margurite, sustaincd the good opto on alrcady formed of her here, whert' he is always a delight to the audi' nee. Mr. Knorr, of Chicago, as ■""aiiMt, remdered hits part to a pleasraig way, as did Mr. Meyn, of Boston, as Mehfetopheles. Harry Joy, as $rander, eould be undersbood well bj hie andience, haring not as yet ac' uire thie rolling of his r's and the Germán accent to his words. It wag eally pteasiing to have twa soloistü ■vaho sauiK in the United State.s dialect, Mrs. Bishop aind Mr. Joy. Prol StamAey dldn't sing very niuch. but he watcbed the 260 other ging. ers and 50 musicians as alert for errors as a base ball umpire in a close game. He noticed every inharmonioms sottod, and quickly rectified witM his batou any mis-step. To Mm and Prof. Yuaiek, the leader of the orchestra, is due great praise. Tliey must luave feit promd of the success of their work. It has been remarked that no ane but Stanley could organize suoh a success im such a small place, and i.t must be comfessed that his energy and entlmsiasm has had a -vonderful effect upon the public of Ann Arbor in a musical wny.


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