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At the High School cliapel last JTrMay aftermxm, the pupHs of the 8tto grade save their ■'conimencement exMbitiom." That is a nmmber of the pupila iviTP selectcd because of their merit im school work, to declaim and recite pieces. It was given at' tiils time tino tinne of the pupiLs and the school is sp taken up hereafter, that iit wöuld mot be convenient to giive it later on. Míks Ladd, priinctpal of the Grammar Departmeiat, had charge of the ■litera ry port ion of tlue exrcises, aaid Miiss Oole of the musical. Tlie cilindren are all quite young, yet tbey gave a very good exhibition, and ithe affaif was in the line of assiistfoig tbem, foir the drill liad a temdencv ivot trnly to gh-e them conf:dence in themselves, but to strengthen thcm in memorizing and speaking. OF what particular benefit is education unless a person has the faculty of expressiing whiat lie kmcnvs, or using hiils bnowledge in a way to benefit others, and every euch thing is a dteciipliine to the growing minds. The pro'graimme for tlie occasion was as follows: FROURAMME. chorus-" Hymen's Toreh." OldAge, Ed. Chriattensen The Emperor's Bird's Nest, - - Alta Rogers TheBoat of - - - Katie Haller music- " The Old Keutucky Home." i.incoln's Addressat Geddysburg, - F. Coic One ot the Little Piles, - - - Ina Stark Kathleue-A Paraphrase, - Grace Swlndler MUSIC Chorus-" Hail ! Happy Day." The Ride oí Jennie MeUeal, K. Willoughby i Mirror for Traitorg, - - - Harry Blunt MUSIC. octette- " Summer Hath Come." rke Famine. Cora Wise Curfew Must Xot Ring To-Night, Clara Dean A Rill From the Towu Pump, - H. Danforth MUSIC. DUETT- " The Muy Bclls." Joor Little Joe - - - Nellie Miugay Fritz aud His BetseyFall Out, - - A. Dane MUSIC. chorus-" Come to the Fair." It wouM le imfair to the others, perbaps, to partiKularize, for all did well. Tlie acoiistic propertics of the cbapel are so execrable, however, that weak A-od'ces are ineard with Jifficulty exoept -wiitJiiin two or three seata oí the froai't, and the one fault was in not speakinig louder. Little Joe" was touchiagly recitel by 'Nellie Mingay, and Clara Dean diid nicely wit'ln "The Curfew," while Harry Damforth gave "A Rill ram the Town Pump," in a bright way, and Johm Willoughby told in a spirited marnier erf "The Ride of JenCte McNeal." The chorus, consisting of some 15 or 20 of the 8th grade )upite, showed some excellent traiain-, the d-ear famüiiar song, "The OM Kentncky Home," benig sang ia a ma'mier that wouild have bi-ought an ene-ore at üniversity hall. The teachers aind pupli.s can both fee! proud of the exerefees.


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