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Mr. King Acquitted

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Zima P. Kimg, ex-treasurer oi tlie Vluinaiii Association, whose trial at Detroit im the circuit court, was noiced im our last issue, wae acquitted af tlue Charge oí embezzlememt by tha ury, after delibera tiing about an bouu over iit. The honorable actions oï Mr. Kiag after the defalcatkxn had been discovred, Im turning over all hds property, in whiich actfon Mrs. Iving also joined niim, leaviing both hiniself and wife penniiless, undoubtedly bad a great 'ïfcct oai the jury. They probabiy lvouglit he had mad eall the reparaion poeslbie and thort no verdict o[ guilty they milght prom,ounce would ad'd a peainy to thie lost fund, wMüe he had snffered aiU the mental agony )Osibly few hilm to suffer, already. Ia giving an account of the trial, Ire Detroit Triibuine said: "Tliie jury retired at 3.377 o'elock. rifty mimuites later it wa announceJ hat a verdict had been reached, but he judge was absent, and fiïteen minut-es were ispemit waitimg for liis reurn. If they were inmutes of unsual amxiiety 'to the defendant no one ould observe ïit im Mg features. Dur-! ng the entiTe trial liis countenancfe xpreeeed thorough disheartenment aid lack of interest im the proceedings. 3e sat fromi begimning x-o end wearing a heary ovei-ooat amd scarcely changd his posiitiom from one hour to anat her. "At 4.35 Judge Brevoort returnd and tftue juTy filed in. In answeü O' tho question of the clerk, Foremaa Briggö said: 'We fiind the defendant mot guilty.' Tlue result was ap'parntly to a certaAn extent, unexpected y Mr. Kiing. For a moment he sat. as if dazed, and then a smile lighted p hiis features. He maidfe no further emonstration of his sactisfaction wit! lie verdlfet except to shake hands witli ihe members of the jury aind expres in obligattoins to them. To a rerter afterward, he stated that lie -as without a dollar in the world."


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