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The amnual meeting of the Washtcnaw Oouirty Moneer Society, will be ïieM at Cheleea, to-day. There ia a gentleman in Ann Arbor, oí high standing, two, who says he jiever Jost an n-mbrella In his life ! Chiarlie Sohott lias beeome a fuli pledged practittoner in Justice ButtV court. He wom hiiis first case, too. Gen. Dryenforth wants an appropriatiiom of $250,000 to enable liim to ■earry om hie rain experiments ! Just tMok of iit! Dr. Wlied'om, a brother fo W. W. Wliedom, fWled the pulpit of the M. E. cnurch last Sabbath. He was retnrning from tlie general conference. Mrs. Lucy D. S. Parker, of this city, lias beem elected a delégate to tha Jvationoa TV. C. T. U. eonvention, wMch meets in Denver, Oalo. Oaie of tlue oomicail sights on Klemt street yesterday was a man ■vhio had twrtted out liis garden liose amd was watering hite lawn between shto-wers. Mms. T. B. Albro gave a pleasant Tiirpritjc to hier miele N. G. Gates last Triúny evennig and tftue company presemted hm wi'th a beautiful cang -wMCh was carved by T. B. Albro. A gentlema.n wluo has kept tally tells us thiat it lias ratoecl every day ibut two duriing the month of May. A wet niointh sure. Probably June or July at the fartherest, will go dry. The Protestant Methodist conierance n its recent session, resolved to strike the word "obey" out of its marriage service. A superfluous thig to do, as the women praetically kinocked the offensive word out lont; ago. It te umderstood tliat the concert of tlie Chioral Unfon a Detroit Sat■urday evenIng was a faillure financially, the projectors coming out about $150 behitnd. A fact to be regretted, for the cause, the woman's gymnasiaiim, was a gocxl ome, and ought ■to have been patronizeri. The e-d'ift'or of the Courier is imdebted to Mr. W. J. Boothi for ,a copy of the Levant Herald and Eastern Express, publishied at Constantiimople. Turkey, dated May lCth-, 1892. It is published in French and English.. Anioaig the hotel arrivals i the name of Mr. Bootlh at the Hotel de Byzance. "Wliat is to be tliioavght of a man "vho wiill eteal a, peocil from a newspaper reporter ? Has he mot reached the depth of imfamy ? Then just tJiBoik of the person who is so lost to cooimon decency as to stead au ■umbrella from a reporter ? Thai persom lh-es in Ann Arbor ! But justice willl scale lvis eyes some dav. The quarter cemtennial social oí the M. E. tíhturch wül be girven in the elmrch parlors, to-morrow evening, under tWfe auspiccs of tho Ladte's Aid Society. As the event celebi'ates the first sermón erer preached in tlie phoirch, a musical andi historical prosrramme of great interest has bees arraaiiïect for the occas-ioo. Tea served at G.30 o'clwck p. m. The raüroad's are peiflïig round trip fcickete to Mianeapodis ior one faro. Tickets wffll be placed on sale tomorrow. The Aam Arbor Oóramandery K. T., turned out about forty swords strong Sumday to observe the iservices of the Rjitnal for Ascensión Day. The Geronains eoinposiing what i.s biown as the St. Jphn's congrega' tiiom at Roger's Corners, laid the oor ner stone of a new Ctourch last Sunday. Those who would like to attend the MinneapoliiS convention next week lnit wfli are induced not to do so beca use of a sacred regard they have for their pocketbooks, are numerous' ioideed. The deed of Oomgressraaa Bellnap who bought 2,000 boquets of dasies and proceeded to the various cemcteri-es about Washiington, D. C, and decorated the graves of Michigan sol-' diers with tlnem, was a thoughtfuj ainid kind deed. The Jume meeting of the Washtenaiv Horticuiltural Society wül be lield the 25th of Jume, at 2 p. m., iiO2 the court house. This wiill be a strawberry festival. An. exhiibit oí the different varieties of this deliciour berry wiöl be made; also of ïloweii by the t'lorists Cou.sms and Hall. Pres. Scott wiill lead lm the discussion, 'Wliat Fruit to Plant." A full report om the outlook for fruit will be gh'n. Ladiies are especially invited to attemd. Tlie comgregatioai of St. Andrew's church will be favored next Sunday wl"tih two sermans by the Rev. R. A. Hollamd, D. D., af St. George's parish St. Loiiiis, Mo., one of the most distiniíu.iisihed divines of the Episcopal clmrch in this country. In the evenimg the dlseouTse will be given with special reference to the yooing people, and will he the last iln the series priven this wünter to yoning people. The youiig- a.ud who is not young- are especiially jnvited to the evening service. The crowd that weait to Detroit Mooiday was simply enormous. The Hiret train, that left here at 10 o'clock ai. m., on the M. C. R. R., had sixteen coaches packed so full that there was xo standing room ei'ther inside oi outside. The next trato liad eight coaches all well filled. It was probably the largest excursión that ever left Aon ArbOT. Everybody went who could. Although the U. of II. boys were not able to play the Cornell on tluat day, yet the game between that club amd the D. A. C's was an exoelleut ome. "Primee Mielvael," the man who hieaded the "Plyimg Roll," in Detroit, and called himself Cbrlst, is to be triod iiii tliijs circuit conrt on a change of venaie, on a ciïarge practically o rape, the trial to eomme.nee June 14. Thie trial will probably„draw a crowd as all siwh trials do. This crime is ome that stands on the calendar of viee next to murder. ín many instantes it is fully as great a crime as murder, and deserving of as great a pu.m'Khiment. It is singular liow people can be imduced to follow aftcr these fosan pretenders. Here is a recipe that can be tried at a very liitfcle expense, and if ir proves to be a good tliiing it is wortli a great deal to the majority of families: "Amybody can freeze his own toe cream foi five minutes, and for an expemditure oí two or three cent?. If the preparatiom desired to be frozen is placed im a tin bucket or other reeeptacle, it can be readily congealed by putting it in a pail containing n weak d'iliition oí sulplwric acid and water. Imito thfe throw a handfiU of commom Glauber salte, and the resultimg cold is so great tliat a bottle of wine iraimersed in the mixture, wili be frozen solí! in a few minutes, and ice cream or ices may be quickly tind easily prepared." Tlie Daily Times lias thia item, aa3 thie anly to be regretted te that -tbere are myt more girls who have big brotiiiers to resent that sort of in-1 sults: "About 8 o'clock on Saturí day eveniing a young man received a practical lesson wUich it Ís to be lioped he wifll remember. Some young ladies were -wadking on S. Pourtb ave, Ann Arbor, wliien a young man totally uTuacquaintexl wilthi them followed amd addressed tíiem and proposed ao compaaiying tliem. As luck would hiaTe itt, the big brother oí one of the young ladtes was close at hand. He had observed what was ípoing on and sfeppinig up to the young man, he gave him a terrible drubbing, so severe that the recipiënt ot it fled to a friend's room for fear of receiving a second addltion of the well merited punishmejit. This should act as a' wa.rniing to tliose who insult young ladies on the etreet." Two geinerations have come and gone sioice the boys in blue marclied home from the war ended at Appomattox, and many of tlvem have since joimed tlileh1 comrades killed in battlo, as the yearly decianated ranks of those who march to the soldier's graves and 'decórate tlnem with floAVers, glve painful evidence. Every year some comrades are taken from the ramks, and some new mounds added to the ones decorated. Every year the flower-strewers are less; every year the demand for flowers greater. Wdi'en the day comes, as come it will, that there are 110 more comrades left to do thds work of gratitude, may the lovers of the principies represented in the grand old stars and striipes, wliicli they saved, perpetúate the beautifui custom, as long as its folds shall float over a free country occupied by free men. In this work, M in n other, the Soms of Veterans have a missiou The memory of the dead who died for their country stands next in sacredness to the memory of Him who died for all mankind. 1'miT weeks more and exawMy ne■half oi 189? will be gome. The leafy month of June is liere with us. Do you reoogntze the prize beauty ? Only weeks to commencement ! Do you catch om to the procésalos of rapjdly flylng days as they ïlit by ? The latest society fad is a "tulip tea." In the good oíd times "twolips" after tea were the sweetest thmgs out. George L. M'oore has sold a halt" interest in his bock store to Kev. W. W. Wetmore, and the firm will hereafter be Moore & Wetmore. Rey. J. T. Sunderland will preach inext Sunday morning at the Unitarian church, on the subject, "Oughit the World's Fair to1 be open om Sunday ?" The camdy store of W. F. Russell lias been moved severa! doors east on Huron st., and is now located iu the store af Mrs. Devanney's, next to W. H. Melmtyre's. The merchamt taiilor stock of Jas. M. StaffoTd's bas been sold to W. H. Hitehcock, of Detroit for $6,205. The store fixtures and signs were pureha.sed by Goodspeed Bros. Tliere will be a meeting at the N'orth side chapel uext Sunday evenilng uinder the auspifces of the Sons af Temperante. Mr. W. H. Nichoda, of the uiniiversity, will speak. Doors are wilde open for everybody. Tlie Michigan Club excursión traiu to Miumea polis will pass Ann Arbor on Friday, at 2.39 p. m. It wili consiist of ten Wagner coaches. Ona regular fare for the round trip paya the railroad transportaron bilí. Regular English Lutheran service wiill be held next Sunday mornmg and eveniflig in Newberry hall. Rev. H. M. Heilman, pastor-eleet, will preach. Sunday school aiter morning service. All interested iin the new mission cordially ilnTited. The number of people u-ho saw the spots on the gun through fche Fast Mail telescope Tuesday were legión. After they got through gazing in niamy instances the spots had transferred -bhemselves to tlie sons who did t'he lookimg. One thimg has demonstrated itself pretty tlnorooighly, that American giTls can iv t: successfully or with safe- ty attempt to follow thie customs of other nattonalities, especially in beer drtoking. They had better let the stuff alone. The Northsiöe base ball club went to Ypsila.nti Thiirsday p. m., and played thie Juniors of tliat city. They P'layed umtil dark, and the score was 8 to S, with eleven imnings. A return game will be played here next week Friday. The offertory, sang by Mr. Gaylord, of PhiladelpMa, onti'tled "Calvary," at St. Amdrew's church last Sunday, was one of the finesr solos ever sivem im the chureh. Mr. Gaylord is a brother of E. S. Gaylord, a member oï the surpliced choir, and who ia at 1 onding the untversity. There iis a new drug firm in the city. Mr. J. J. Goodj'ear, who ha' so successfully carried cm the drug business here for the past fifteen yeara or more, has taken into partnership Mi-. James J. Quarry, aind the firm name will be Goodyear & Co. Mr. Quiarry iis me of the best known of Ann Arbor's young men. He has been wirth Mr. Goodyear ior eight or ten years, and makes friends as easy as tlie suiMishiine brings bloom from th& buds. The new partner will not be a dead-liead im the enterprfee. He iis ome of t.he kind who manages to get, to the front, and staj's there after he gets there. The Courier extendg its greetilng to t'be new firm, and predict for it a lenig and prosperous career. Mrs, Sarah Dwiplit Sager, widow of the late Dr. Abram Sager, died at her home on S. State st., on Monday a. m.., last, after an extended illnese. Dr. Sager was one oí the most respected and foi-emost physicians of the stilte in Ms life time and was dean of the medical faculty for many years. Tlie deceased was a modest and unassumimg lady and was held in the highest estimatipn by our citizens generally. Slie leaves a family of four chiildren, two sons and two daughters. Mrs. Sager was born in 1818. and was consequentily 74 years of age. She came to Ann Arbor in 1846, and tlie homestead on State st. was among the first brick dwellimgs erected in the state.. Funeral services wffll be held this afternoon at 3 o'clock from the family residence. A sutt luas been commenced in this circuit, against Messrs. Chas. Hurd amd Geo. W. Bullis, wilthi whom is impleaded J. B. Beal as trustee, by Messrs. G. F. Allmendinger and X. W. Cheever, to compel the making of a' deeö to thiem of the property bought for a refrigerador factory some time ago Whwn the factory was proposed for tliiw place, Mr Hurd Ixraght some liand in the southern part of the cLty, payiing for itt bimself. The foundation for the factory was fxlso put in and paid for by luim. When things had progressed that ïar. Mr. Hurd récelived a better offer from Duluth capitalists to lócate his factory at that place. In order to be released from liis contract here Mr. Hurd agreed to deed the land to any company that would start a factory thèreon, within the period of eighteen months. In evidence of Iiíb good faith, before leaviag Ann Arbor Mr. Hurd deeded the laaid to J. E. Beal in trust to be deeded by Man to any company that woukl start a factory. After a time Mi-. Hurd sold a (half interest in the land to H. B. Walmsley, of Duluth. In turn Mr. TTalmsley sold his interest to Messrs. Allmendinger & Cheever, and now they bring suit to secure a' deed. Only tivo weeks more of study ia the pu'bïic schools. Thie W. C. T. V. will meet on Thursday altemo'On, June 9th, at three o'clwk in Harris hall. People novices to place in the Courier must have them kt the offiiee by Tuesday p. m. At Betnlehem Evangelk-al church. a Chriistian Endeavor Society ha.s been iormed wiith foairteen chai-tej members. The fime money paiid in bj' justices o the peaee, etc, to the eounty treasurer has leen apportioned by him, and Aam Arbor reeeiived $204.30 for the benefit of the school library. The library caui use it to good advantage a.ll right enough. Bert Elite, whale returning to hiS b'ome on S. Main st., was seriously Nhotked by the sharp flash of liglnming thiat tried people's nerves yestei-day afternoon. He had to be taken home a.nd physieLane called to rest ore Mm. One of the most imten.sely calorie games of base ball tbat has ever been pDayed in thita city will probably be wituessed to-morrow afternoon at the fair grounds, between niues selected f rom the employés of the Courier aind Register offices. Game called at 2.30 o'clock. We notiice in an eastern paper the death of one of our old-time subscribers, Mr. John Q. Mason. Mr. Masan tor many years, liived in Webst-er an "tlue fai-m now known as the Pat. Gallagher homestead. In 1869 hie was successfully engaged in tht broker busiiness; subsequently remorimg to' De Euyter, New York, where he dfed March 17th, Í892. The old resident 8 of thie Yicinity will remember him as an honest, generoms and ijitelligent gentleman. Ex-Mayor Smith has beem througü a series of unfortunate trials of late. Last winter he had two ribs broken and was otherwiBe seriously injured by Ms horse becomimg scared at the T.. A. A. & N. M. R. R., om Maiw st., amd was laid up for several weeks. As he wa reco vering from that, a boM formed in one of luie nostrils, and that kept hiim home for repairs a lifttle longer. On Saturday last a litfle gnat flew in Ms left ee and staing it, which lias made a pretty 6erioTis looking optie for him. The Soldiere Relief Commission of the county of Washtenaw, consistíais of F. P. Rogardus, Ypsilanti; Jas. Kellj', Manchester; and Capt. Chas. H. Manly, Ann Arbor, met at the court house last week Saturday. When the roll of towns was called the ïollowing i-eported: Sylvan, one needji soldier, no money in treasury. Lima $50 on hand, no needy. Saline, same report. Northfield, none im need anj no funds. BrMgewater $39.96 ou tónd, none in need. Ann Arbor town $67 on hand and none in need. Augusta, $33 on hand, none in need. Salem in statu quo. Lyndon, $25 in treasury, none in need. York, $9.60 on hand, and no needy ones. Ypsilanti town, $53.15 on hand, none in need. Y'psilanti city, $96.55 on hand, one in need to whom was voted $8 per montli. Ann Arbor city reported fiive in need, to four of whom was allowed $5 per month.' and to one $8 per montli. The sum of $50 was :ilo voted to on widöw as temporary relief. Scio reported one in ;ieed and $72 on hand. The other towns did not report.


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