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Up To Woman's Wiles

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"Fourteen rows of pins - tw-o ee-n-nte! Fourteen ruws. of pins - tw-o ce-n-nts!" It was a shambling old man ar.d a shambling old voice on Thirtythird r.treet, says the New York Ilerald. [Ie had a very peculiar gait on him - ike a horse witli the spring-halt - owing to thé sole of his right shoe being loose and the necessity for flapping the piece well up and forward with every step in order to bring it down in the right placa. lie had a -mail and wellworn satchel, camed a paper of pins and kept his eyes strained on the upper windows for custoaiers. ''Fourteen rows of pins. tw-o ce-n-ts!" lie cried, somewhat mourniully. A window went up with a bang that made his heact jv.'r.ii. A red-headed woman. with irashed face, stuck her tiead out. "Gimine ono row," she shouted. "Wha- wha-at?" "Gimine one row, you old fooi!" she screamed. "uring it up!" She made a gesture as if she would scoop him up with her bony fingers. "Fourteen rows. ma'am, only two cents," he said, apologetically. "Gimme one row, I teil yoni I want to let that good-for-nothing husband of mine sec whether I'm worth a row of pins or not. I'll fix him!" In popped the red head and bang went the window down again. "Come up with a row of pins, will I?" soliloquized the old man, shaking his dead. "Not much. She don't want any pins. She wants the neighbors to know what her husband says about her - that's what she wants. I'll bet he's up there now layin' for me wïth a club. Eow of pins! I wouldn't go up there if she'd offer to buy my stock!" Thus does age and adversity bring wisdom. - Beecha.m's PiiHs for a bad Ltver. A Boone eompanion- Daniel. A dyeing word- Logwood. Something of a jam- Marmalade. Funny piscatorial scène- Cat fishing. .


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